Is a Group recruiting in Saskatoon a white supremacist hate group? – December 13, 2019

Old ideas are hard to put to bed, freedom of speech is also under attack in Canada especially for white men. Although the liberty movement and the Libertarian movements are alive and well, there are people, who prefer using force to achieve their means. These people exist on both the Left and Right sides of the political spectrum. The Left side politically in Canada has morphed into a media powerhouse and being that Canada is a relatively peaceful country, using their resources these Leftist ideologues use their current positions of power and authority to suppress any calls by white Europeans to protect their way of life.

When I visited the ID Canada website at, what I read is what I’m trying to push back against, which is resorting back to protectionism, for every white person reading this, protectionism and welfare is what is fueling mass immigration. Humans tend not to want to change areas of the world that don’t have favorable welfare states. Canadian white men, for the most part, used to be and too many degrees still are very hardworking responsible men, who used to fight for the right to work. This culture of hard work was always a threat of being confiscated by the Marxists who used the power of government to meet their ends.

This, of course, led to the division of the employer and employee, which is symbolic between the separation of husband and wife, mother and father, child and their parents and so on. I’ll use the employer-employee relationship to explain my point because in life bartering ideas and the ability for humans to verbally work things out as individuals are what made Western civilization the best civilization.

The white employer who in most instances in Western society started off with NOTHING argued that if the employee wanted to demand their own wages and their rights and protections, the employee should start their own business, or prove their worth to the employer, instead however the employee, opted to use collective unionized forces, and used the power of government to force the employer to make concessions.

This, of course, is what has led to the rise of the welfare state. Western Society, for the most part, has sued for peace. Instead of a free market western society, most societies in the West are Quasi-Capitalist, which is one of the main drivers of the cultural-Marxists, who can rightfully argue under these conditions, who should decide when the Government can use its force to pick social and economic winners and losers?

What is already known, need not be said, a typical habit of the extreme left, Fascist types is to manufacture European ideals? So, from my personal perspective this where I can see how some people could come to the conclusion that ‘ID CANADA’ is a white supremacist group. As of today’s date, below is what is written on the ID CANADA website

Our organization seeks to re-instill the traditional western values our ancestors worked so hard to create and protect.

By forming a group of young people desiring to reinvigorate the respect and love of our nation and our people, we hope to bring into the public debate the role of ethnic Canadians in this country’s present and future. We do not believe this topic should be beyond discussion as it concerns every citizen in this nation.

Our campaigns and energy aspire to nothing less than a rediscovery and renewed love for our nation and its founding people.

Will you join the fight?

To the above statement I say, re-instill what? All forms of Leftism attempt to put Europeans under some sort of centralized control. For all you white supremacists who aren’t understanding why your numbers are dwindling, it’s because most Europeans with half a brain reject Collectivism when they’re able to see it for what it is. The modern-day mainstream Leftist approach in case you’re wondering is to wrap their political collectivism up in some sort of sorcery like I don’t know… CLIMATE CHANGE or helping the ‘poor’, you know the poor worker who needs the government to protect him/her from the greedy capitalists or you know the poor welfare recipients in Canada who doesn’t want to work because they don’t have to, these same welfare recipients who also have the right to vote for a politician who will give them more welfare!

All of this exists because the worker wanted to be protected from the capitalist, even Libertarians will argue this point when I bring it up, but that’s how this disaster evolved. Anytime a politician attempts austerity measures? See what happens! Watch the protests, the threats of strike, most of these people in case you’re not paying attention are indeed WHITE PEOPLE! who want to be protected or who want the security of the government. I get it, economics is a boring subject, but once you comprehend Austrian economics, everything should be clear to you.

Our ancestors did leave us something beautiful, but a large segment of Europeans refuse to embrace Liberty, they want the government or some sort of security that will assure them that market forces and volunteerism won’t dominate society, because God forbid humans had choices, not to support ideas or concepts they’d didn’t agree with. When Justin Trudeau wants to bail out the mainstream media with Canadian tax Payer dollars that’s what he does! How did the Federal Government get all of this power you ask?

It came from the working class, who wanted protections, there’s this low IQ argument that a lot of white people share that every action doesn’t have a reaction? When our ancestors left us this beautiful country, try to remember that a lot of the economic protectionism that exists today, didn’t exist then, those men were harder, ready for war. They embraced liberty and freedom, they knew what system would make soft men. What is already known need not be said!

Personally I don’t think ID Canada is a hate group, I do however think they’re misguided. I see a lot of misguided minority HATE groups in Canada with larger memberships than ID Canada that go unnoticed by the CBC and the Justin Trudeau funded mainstream media, but hey, Liberty is here waiting for everyone when they’re ready to embrace it! Research Libertarian movements and end-all of this Leftist political nonsense, that’s turning men into State-sponsored cowards!

What’s the cure for all of this you ask? Well, once you understand individualism, and free-market capitalism, all you have to do is learn to love your enemy, I think a lot of you atheist types forget that Judeo-Christianity, was built on Love! Love your neighbor love those you disagree with, abort the use of force and especially now, it would be a good time to consider being self-employed and/or self-sufficient and surround yourself with like-minded people! The devil can’t win! If your life really sucks it’s probably because you want to change people who aren’t ready to change, capitalism entrepreneurs handbook dictates if you can’t change him, you might want to consider serving them in some way! Just a thought, just a thought!

Group recruiting in Saskatoon supports white supremacy, experts say | CBC

Interesting times ahead!