Disgusting Sticker Of Greta Thunberg Linked To a Group Of Individuals Supportive of Alberta Oil – Canada’s Collectivist Media is Horrible! – February 28, 2020,

Justin Trudeau the current Prime Minister has not only used taxpayer dollars to buy the media but he’s also tried to regulate who can be considered media. The main reason for this, is because the government wants to be parade any narrative that fits their agenda and they want their minions to be ignorant of any other options. China a dictatorship Justin Trudeau jokingly admitted to admiring also has State-Run media in which speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party could equate to death.

Worst than speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party is putting another God before the Chinese Communist Party, because the Chinese Communist Party is for the people and the CCP knows what’s best. In Canada, I’m not against the title of the article written by Samantha Beattie, which you can read below, however, the framing of the article can be interpreted as propaganda as in the title of the article as well as portions of the body of the article she attempts to collectivize the entire Alberta Oil and Gas industry. In case you’re wondering why people like Justin Trudeau shouldn’t be given so much power. Below is video of my current Liberal Prime minister mocking the entire black race!

Now, imagine the individual in the video above was the leader of your country? A reminded my current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was about 30 years old when he made that video and my current Prime minister Justin Trudeau also doesn’t know how many more racists photos or videos of him are out there, my current prime minister, however, deems it necessary to frame his opposition has hateful bigots and believers of similar doctrine to his are also hoping to silence their opposition and this brings me to collectivism and division.

There are idiots on the Political Left, there are idiots on the Political Right, but we treat those people as individuals not as a collective. Hitler hated ALL Jews, Hitler’s collectivist mindset felt a particular GROUP of humans wasn’t fit to live and therefore he made it his political mission to make sure his opposition was all framed collectively. Hitler described JEWS collectively, similar to the way Samantha Beattie framed the title of her article you can read below.

No, it’s one thing for a little blogger to have collectivist arguments, imagine if Government approved media could do the same thing? In China, when groups of individuals who the Chinese communist Party don’t agree with are forced into concentration camps, the Chinese State media frames their reasoning for imprisoning these people as The Chinese Communist Party trying to help these CCP non-believers!

Again Samantha Beattie is in her right to rite the article below, but just so I’m clear this is the exact reason why government-approved media should never be considered in a Free Country!

Disgusting Sticker Of Greta Thunberg Linked To Alberta Oil Shocks Canadians | Samantha Beattie | huffingtonpost.ca

Interesting times ahead!