Doug Ford’s government officially cuts size of Toronto city council – August 14, 2018,

Thank you, Doug Ford, being honest I’m not even a huge fan of the Progressive Conservatives, however, in this instance all I will say is Thank You, Doug Ford. You can read the article in full for yourself by clicking the link below:

Doug Ford’s government officially cuts size of Toronto city council

That aside, we all know the bigger government types including the Toronto Mayor John Tory a character I tend to forget is an actual member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, love to grow the size of government to make their jobs easier. Have Ontarians ever been in some of these government offices? Most of the Ontario offices I’ve been too are huge and inefficiently run. The busiest government offices tend to be the smallest and the slowest.

A lot of Ontarians haven’t seen the number of government offices that are around Ontario in which you’ll typically find a whole lot of nothing going on. Sure there are times when government offices spike, but there are a lot of times where quite simply it’s a very boring day, in which Canadian taxpayers are being forced to fund. The moment a politician says I’m cutting back there’s an outcry. This is why typically when Leftist get into politics they grow the government as fast as they can while they’re in office.

The problem with Ontario, the problem with Canada, in general, is that we’re reaching that Argentina level of big government. In Argentina, 30%+ of the citizens work for the government in some capacity and then, of course, you have the private sector contractors or employers who are reliant on government contracts. To make matters worse in Argentina are the public service unions.

Private sector unions are one thing, but once you have public sector unions good luck solving that problem. Imagine if every sector in Ontario had the same union and same political power as the teacher’s unions. No matter what monetary policy you create the result will be the same because public sector workers have scales that keep up with inflation. You can’t put a private sector value on public service employee, because the assumption of the unions or the public service workers is that there’s an unlimited supply of money available to them.

So it’s only natural that a public sector employee that has more perks and less to worry about than a private sector employee will look out for their individual best interest and fight to get as much money from the private sector funded government as possible. Also being that most public sector employees have never started a business or had to make payroll in their lives it’s only fair that a public service worker would make the assumption that running a business is easy.

This is the real world and in the future, my hope is that Canadians make it a prerequisite that in order to become a politician that makes massive economic decisions for Ontario or Canada that you start and successfully run a business for at least 10 years.

Interesting times ahead.