The New Democratic Party(NDP) of Ontario Wants The Government To Bring Back The Carbon Price Controls That Destroyed The Now Disgraced Kathleen Wynne Liberal Government – March 6, 2021,

As most of us in Ontario know, Doug Ford was stuck with the task of cleaning up the economic destruction left by the Kathleen Wynne Ontario Liberals. The Cap and trade system destroyed Kathleen Wynne there was no getting around it and at the end of her term, Kathleen Wynne maliciously destroyed Ontario’s economy in a manner, that most Ontario businesses were forced to finance pre-covid-19 outbreak.

Now, if Ontarians aren’t paying attention since Joe Biden became President of the United States gas prices have been rising steadily, why? Because Joe Biden also has his own Green New Deal, which of course affects us here in Ontario, because we have our own existing Progrogressive policies that are underfinanced.

Justin Trudeau has also been a huge success for the environmental Socialism movement as he’s made Western Canada very uncompetitive in the energy sector. What a lot of Canadians, don’t seem to comprehend is that the U.S Federal Reserve is going to be put in a difficult position, that I personally believe Jerome Powell saw coming years ago.

What I believe Jerome Powell meant when he said that he will let inflation run red hot is that he’s going to wait for the government to intervene on Fed-Policy, which basically means while he’s Fed-Chair he’s going to allow politicians to destroy themselves.

Donald Trump was one of the first Presidents to openly and publically call out a Fed-Chairmen, and I personally think Jerome Powell saw this as an opportunity to alleviate himself from the economic destruction headed our way. Now, for the record the economic destruction headed our way in a real economy would be deflationary, but with the potentiality of money printing for progressive initiatives all bets are off.

How this coincides with the Ontario NDP platform, is that if implemented Ontario might end up in the same situation France found itself in a few years ago in regards to the cost of living skyrocketing. What a lot of people don’t understand about Cap and Trade is that “The government sets the cap across a given industry, or ideally the whole economy. It also decides the penalties for violations.” It’s a guaranteed price inflation, the ‘trade’ is merely a word they use to make it seem like there’s a market component to that system.

There is no market component to a Cap and Trade system, which is why it cost everyone in Ontario to really hate Kathleen Wynne. Because remember, you have to ask the question, where did all the money go, when Kathleen Wynne was Premier? Where are all the Green innovations? If this system was economical, why can’t it pay for itself, the only people who got rich under the cap and trade system were the entities, Kathleen Wynne rewarded unearned income with.

If you read the NDP’s cap and trade system which also includes the sale of “green bonds” it’s worst than Kathleen Wynnes and Party leader Andrea Horwath wants to do this after the Covid-19 which obviously is going to depress the Ontario economy.

My personal thoughts, during Late Stage Socialism phases of any society, be prepared for anything, you never know, what could happen and I like to remind people that because of CERB most Canadians haven’t noticed the price inflation, you see when you’re not working, you tend to not care about inflation, because you’re not working for the money, so to those of you conservatives who think Canadians aren’t dumb enough to fall for these silly Left-Wing failed price control ideas, think again!

Ontario NDP launch environmental platform, pledge to bring back cap-and-trade system | CBC

Interesting times ahead!