Back to school, back to work COVID-19 testing in Canada leads to a surge in Coronavirus CASES – September 17, 2020,

Politicians worldwide now have an excuse when their economies crash, in my personal opinion, this is will be one of the contributing to factors that will lead to force austerity measures, because, during this period, it’s important to remember that not every country to the Canadian approach to the Coronavirus, which was to give away free money.

Canada must implement ‘distance voting’ for MPs in wake of coronavirus, Trudeau says |

Implementing social distancing on the private sector could mean a plethora of things depending on the Province or the municipality, this new regulation on business is yet another burden Canadian small businesses will have to take on, and more than anything this, sort of seems like a commercial real estate crash.

But I want get too much into that right now, what I believe is going overlooked in all of this is that there is more back to school Covid-19 testing happening in Canada now, even with the testing in my opinion the numbers are still very low

Canada adds over 900 new coronavirus cases, continuing alarming upward surge |

I personally don’t think this a second wave, because some of the people being dinged for having COVID-19 had it already, I also think that COVID-19 is simply something we’re going to have to live with moving forward. Am I saying don’t take it seriously?

No, it should be taking very seriously, the mistake I think Canada made was politicizing it. In Sweden currently, they treat COVID-19 like the virus it is. Sweden so far hasn’t politicized COVID-19, whereas Canada has, in Canada Coronvirus is being used to start a green new revolution, or start a Universal Basic Income, COVID-19 is giving some public sector workers like teachers an excuse not work and in general it’s allowing a lot of Canadians not to pay their bills and get paid for being unproductive.

Despite what I’ve read even from some Conservative news outlets, the conservative party of Canada run provinces have not left COVID-19 to the individuals, instead, they too, have politicized the virus and therefore allowed the Liberals and Leftists the ability to push and create this mass panic atmosphere, which would have existed even if the Conservatives had simply followed the Sweden model.

Ontario reports 293 new COVID-19 cases, with 70% affecting those under 40 |

Because of this mass fear narrative, that the media is attempting to push, a lot of Canadians are falling further and further into debt. A few things to remember, firstly that Canadians were in debt pre-pandemic, secondly mortgage deferrals are still a thing, thirdly the national debt in Canada will clearly be paid by debasing the Canadian currency and the Canadian Mainstreet economy is deflating.

Now, I personally think the government and the Canadian central bank will combat deflation by printing money/providing liquidity to the Canadian markets. Due to a lack of productivity, this will be a debasement of the Canadian dollar.

Rising prices while your currency is debased is bad for the economy, but it’s in inevitability at this point. The politicizing of COVID-19, I don’t think is wise, but Canadian media is making a lot of money by doing it, so why stop, right?

Multiple provinces are seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases. What needs to be done now? | cbc

Lastly, I don’t know if I fall for this notion that the Loonie will fall pre-US-Election. The markets especially in Canada are waiting for the news from the U.S Presidential election. If Biden wins the Canadian dollar might actually go up in the near term, I genuinely think that if Biden wins the U.S election, interest rates in Canada will be forced to go negative.

Biden has promised to tax Americans more and also add more regulations to the U.S economy. Biden is also talking about a Green New Deal. Now, all of this stuff may sound nice to a certain segment of the U.S population, but the markets will react negatively to President Joe.

Even the U.S markets stagnate because of Joe Biden, it will be very bad news for the Canadian economy, which relies heavily on trade with the U.S. On the flipside a Trump victory will also have a negative effect on the Canadian economy, the Canadians dollar will definitely retreat if Trump wins, however, if Trudeau would cut some regulations, the Canadian economy could rebound, the problem is Trudeau’s economic strategy appears to be one of spending everything no and charging it to the future.

So because of Trudeau’s approach, Canadian businesses probably won’t benefit much from a Trump presidency and this is why I think Canada is going to be headed into a situation of forced austerity measures. I personally don’t think Chrystia Freeland or Justin Trudeau understands the private sector.

Their approach appears to be one that assumes that no matter what… the private sector in Canada will be profitable and if it’s not profitable they (Justin and Chrystia) can simply throw money at it. As an example The Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF) was announced when simply cutting regulations would have been sufficient. =

I’ve pointed out that in the U.K as an example, their government relied on existing welfare programs to combat COVID-19. Instead what Trudeau did was he grew the size of the government to combat COVID-19 ad a lot of his cabinet members, simply don’t understand that the government is creating deflation, not COVID-19.

The government has limitations, a government person isn’t going to understand the cost or the day to day operations of every business in Canada. The government, also may not understand the serious impacts Carbon taxes and other new regulations will have on certain businesses.

Again, based on the current approach the Liberal Party of Canada is taking to combating Coronavirus, I see Canada being forced into an Austerity measures position. I personally don’t see central banks being as powerful as some people imagine them to be and I’ve been writing for years, Canada is going to have a cash flow problem!

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Interesting times ahead!