Leftism and Depression go hand in hand: Michelle Obama says she has ‘low-grade depression’ – August 6, 2020,

Almost all of the family members I have who are die-hard Liberal, Democrat, Socialism supporters have depression or mental health issues. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like talking to a lot of my Leftist family members, not because of their politics, but because of their emotional needs.

In my family, the Leftists are very sensitive, if I say the wrong thing they get triggered, on the flip side, the Rightwingers in my family want me to say the wrong thing so they can crack a joke on me. The rightwingers in my family take nothing seriously. I’m Canadian and even when Justin Trudeau won re-election, my family members many of whom voted for Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives(I voted for Maxime Bernier) when I spoke to them, what they said to me pretty much was the world is going to hell so prepare and that was the end of that.

I was with my Leftist family members when Trudeau won and they felt good that night, but by the next day, they were back to their life of misery. If Joe Biden beats Donald Trump in 2020, the Democrats and their supporters are still going to be miserable and suffer from mental health issues, because collectivism in practice is trying to make everyone else happy and leaving your mental health for last.

Individualism is the complete opposite, my presence should brighten your day, when I work in the Private Sector I’m incentivized to work on my mental health to make my customers feel better. Leftists, look at things in reverse, Leftists want to fix the external world before addressing their internal compass.

Sure a Leftist might take a positive think seminar, but when these positive spirits are faced with a challenge, their mental health is put to the test and because Leftists train themselves to externalize everything it’s hard for them to balance who they really are and what they truly stand for.

Barack and Michelle Obama made a lot of money from Politics. Conservative estimates have the Obamas net worth pinned at around $40 million

The Obamas are worth at least $40 million — take a look at how they make and spend their money | businessinsider.com

To put the Obamas magical wealth in perspective U.S President makes $400K per year. There’s this old saying about ‘new money’ that I used to hear in my family. New money often finds a way to resort back to when they were poor only if the new money knows that they’re not deserving of their fortune.

Truly rich people, use their wealth not to conquer social justice to but fix economic inequalities. When a person has money that they worked hard for in the private sector, the last thing that person wants to do is fight for social justice, unless of course, that person is a globalist.

Social justice is politics, rich people understand, that wealth comes from the mind, so as an example my charity is education-based. Whenever I help people, I make sure the money is invested into them having a skilled trade so they’re no longer dependent on me for their survival. I’ve put people who aren’t related to me through school, but I also made sure they read particular books and mastered a TRADE before I gave them any money.

What good is social justice if you’re reliant on rich people for a job? Tradespeople don’t need a job, they’ll accept a job if that job pays them more than they make working for themselves, but you see that puts the power in the individual’s hands.

Social Justice makes black people vulnerable, social justice dumbs down black people, social justice creates an entitlement culture, and makes a lot of black people imagine themselves to be perfect and that all of their problems stem from the white man!

Now, if a black person is trying to balance the destruction of their own people in their mind, it will lead to mental health issues. Want to know who else has a lot of mental health issues, White National Socialists and Democratic Socialists.

Hate follows you everywhere you go and both National and Democratic socialist tend to have a lot of mental health issues because these types of people are fixated on controlling other people. If you don’t follow my socialist dogma, there’s something wrong with YOU, the socialist imagine. I don’t know what the exact reason for Michelle Obamas ‘low-grade depression’ by I suspect the it’s Liberalism disease!. Liberalism disease is convincing yourself that you’re smarter than you are.

Liberals often think that they’re smarter than the markets, smarter than humanity, Kings, Queens, or Gods. Liberals don’t like to debate issues that they believe are beneath them and because of their unwillingness to have their ideas challenged at their roots, Liberals tend to move toward the direction of democracy to justify their reason for oppressing others.

In a democracy, the people, the mob will often want their leader to shower them with words that make the mob feel good and the leaders of these mobs, usually Liberals imagine that because the mob wants redistribution of resources that all the Liberal needs to do is frame their theft based political argument on something virtuous, but that’s hard to do because the mob, the democracy always wants to confiscate something new, eventually the democracy mob wants to confiscate your freedom of speech.

How do you tell the mob no? You can’t tell the mob no when you’ve been telling them yes your entire life, your livelihood was dependent on appeasing the democratic mob, this eventually based on my up close and personal experiences with socialists lead to depression because most Liberals don’t have a trade and eventually can not function in free-market because they made their wealth, their livelihood living in a big government socialist bubble which convinced them that pursuers of profit are evil and should be tamed. How do you tame two political groups who will eventually have no use for you!

Don’t forget that eventually, the democratic mob moves on! Let me be clear, what I see is Michelle Obama eventually running to be President. The Obamas are sell-outs and she knows it, but more than that I think she got a taste of power, she knows Joe Biden is unfit and Michelle Obama is preparing for a 2024 run at the presidency. I call the article below a P.R stunt!

Michelle Obama says she has ‘low-grade depression’ | businessinsider.com

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