Democratic Socialists Love Having This Much Power: NDP Government of British Columbia Extends state of emergency longest on record – May 28, 2020,

Ontario and Quebec actually have the worst cases of COVID-19, now, I have to admit, considering the amount of travel from Asia that ends up in B.C I was surprised at how low their numbers were, I assume that it’s because their climate differs from Ontario and Quebec, but whatever, COVID-19 has been on a decline B.C and just being honest, nobody heard much about COVID-19 in BC, but when it comes to Democratic Socialist no emergency should be wasted. As an example below is what the current Premier of B.C said:

“During the past 10 weeks, every day seems like seven days,” Horgan said.

“I call it COVID days are like dog years. We are doing a whole bunch of stuff in a short period of time. And every day brings new challenges; every day brings new opportunities.

“Two weeks from now, four weeks from now, could be a completely different situation, provided we continue to see the progress that we have seen here in B.C.”

COVID-19: ‘No likely end in sight’ as B.C. state of emergency extended |

In case you missed it, what I think John Horgan is doing is growing the size of Government, at least that what it appears he’s trying to do. You see opportunities like this don’t come along every day for Democratic Socialists and it’s imperative that they milk the taxpayer for as much as possible during these times because in the event the people ask, why are we paying for this expensive building, government workforce, and equipment that’s barely used, John Horgan can say, do you remember COVID-19? Well, we spend money on this in case there’s a new pandemic.

You know, just in case this or that happens, we’re going to find a way to be wasteful with the taxpayers’ money. This is basically how the government grows and how things become more inefficient while the taxes go up. It’s really silly when you sit back and realize that everything the NDP government is doing, citizens would have done anyway.

If a person is worried about COVID-19, they’ll take their own precautions, however, the NDP government, similar to most Socialists want to be perceived as your hero! This or that couldn’t have been done without the help of the NDP Government, that will be their slogan for re-election, that’s what they want you to believe, you can’t survive without them. But whatever as long as the people of BC put up with it, who am I challenge!

I sure as hell would never move to BC, which should be Canada’s richest Province by far based on their geographical location, the main reason BC has so many silly problems is that they keep voting in Progressives. Direct Access to the U.S and China markets an abundance of natural resources, some of the smartest people in the world, and they have a cost of living problem UNBELIEVABLE! Only Progressives could ruin an economy like that!

Interesting times ahead!