Combating stubborn inflation The Federal Reserve will push rates higher than previously expected, The PetroDollar and Joe Bidens War on Fossil Fuels – December 01, 2022,


One of the reasons I don’t believe in a GOVERNMENT gold standard is because, in this modern economy, like it or not, nothing is more important than oil; now, I’m not saying that a GOVERNMENT gold standard in the event of a fiat monetary collapse can’t make a TEMPORARY comeback, BUT, because of the LIMITED role Gold currently plays in the global economy, I imagine it would not only be inefficient but quickly REJECTED, for a commodity that MIRRORS the complexities of the modern economy, which revolves around FEDERAL government regulations on any particular region.

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In almost every single country on this planet, government regulations STUNT economic growth; in the United States as an example, the man I regard as the dumbest President in U.S history, Joe Biden, has decided to declare war on fossil fuels, which is easy for Joe Biden, a career politician who made MILLIONS of dollars working in the PUBLIC, who in his lifetime will not have to worry about the POVERTY his regulations on economic activity cause for BILLIONS of people all over the world.

Declaring war on Fossil Fuels WITHOUT a viable alternative is pure evil, in my opinion. Still, when the world accepts CENTRAL PLANNING, things happen the POWERFUL money managers like the Federal Reserve have to adjust. Joe Biden has put Jerome Powell into a situation where he’s forced to raise rates to prevent economic DEFLATION.

Fed’s Powell: Rate-hike slowdown possible next month, inflation fight far from over |

Why, then, does it appear that some financial entities are betting big on a rate cut in the future, well, I have no definitive answer for that, but it could revolve around POLITICS if I’m a bank as an example, and I know I’m not going to lend to UNDESIRABLE borrowers, maybe I lower interest rates to attract individuals who don’t mind paying fees for some of my other products.

One of the differences between the OVERALL U.S. economy compared to other economies around the world is that the U.S. housing market is not in a housing bubble that’s as large as, say, Canada or Australia. Most U.S housing bubbles are relegated to the rich, and with the rich, although they might do things like stop paying the mortgages on their mansions, their behavior is different; as example Michael Jordan’s Highland Park mansion has been on the market for over 10 years.

Michael Jordan’s Highland Park mansion, listed at $15M, will soon mark 10 years on the market |

Why nobody wants the mansion has little to do with the listing price and more to do with the PROPERTY TAX bill charged to the government, which by the way, is broke and has unionized public servants who will vote for ANY politician that promises to get them their money. If you’re wondering why some Liberal/Democrat states are ripe with crime and the urgency to fix the crime is almost non-existent, it’s because the progressive politicians promise the ever GROWING public servants that their pension income will keep flowing in.

Fed must raise rates to 4.9% to bring down inflation – Bullard |

Luckily for Americans, a Chicago problem tends to remain in Chicago, as their Federal Government has some of its powers to destroy the U.S economy halted; in countries like Canada, the U.K, and Australia, the Federal government often SUBSIDIZES the housing market, in Canada the Federal government has gone as far as to lend money for a downpayment to purchase a mortgage, really think about that when you look at the Canadian housing market.

I don’t think this FEDERAL this type of policy exists in the U.S as of yet, now there’s no doubt America’s FEDERAL government is in debt it will never be able to pay back, but the world is still eager to buy up U.S debt because parts of the U.S economy, still show promises for profitability. With that said, the profitability often doesn’t involve products being MADE IN THE USA, which is why U.S domestic price inflation is Joe Biden’s construct.

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The Federal Reserve has to pretend it’s APOLITICAL, so it’s unlikely you’re going to hear Jerome Powell blame Joe Biden’s stupid war on fossil fuels for why he’s raising interest rates, but make no mistake about it’s Joe Biden’s stupid war on fossil fuels as to why interest rates are rising, and this is honestly the hilarity you get with IMMORALITY.

If you have some basic financial education, you see this scam for what it is, but if you don’t have financial education, you might imagine the CENTRAL PLANNERS as the smartest people in the world. There are still people who genuinely imagine that the Federal government can enact ANY economic policy without consequence and that consumer price inflation is just greedy wealthy CAPITALISTS exploiting the poor.

Meaning that most people DO NOT blame Joe Biden and his LOW IQ war on fossil fuels as the root cause of consumer price inflation; instead, the average moron imagines higher prices as whatever the mainstream or social media tells them it is. This is very beneficial to purveyors of CORRUPTION, poison the mind, and the mindless zombies will comply in hopes things will get better.

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So because a lot of idiots have bought into this climate change scam, the central powers are attempting to tighten their grip on the economy, not realizing that the economy is reaching a breaking point. Now, let me be clear, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if central banks stopped raising interest rates or even started to reverse their interest rate hikes; what I’m getting at is if central banks REVERSE, consumer price inflation will likely get FAR WORSE.

Why? Because lower interest rates are an indication for Federal governments to SPEND MORE, and spending more often equates to REGULATING economic activity more, potentially destroying their domestic fossil fuel economy for GOOD! In America, because the world loves the U.S dollar, the U.S could literally destroy its domestic fossil fuels markets for the same reasons the U.S destroyed its manufacturing; the world keeps buying U.S debts and dollars no matter how much it destroys itself because the U.S has a CONSUMER DRIVEN economy.

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I hope you’re beginning to see how the immorality of the consumer-driven U.S. economy will eventually IMPLODE not only the U.S. but a lot of Western nations, and you’d be wise to prepare for it!

Powell: Fed to keep rates higher for longer to cut inflation |

Interesting times ahead!