Kamala Harris and the steep decline in Silver and Gold Prices – August 12, 2020,

So, gold and silver prices dipped on the news that Kamala Harris was Joe Bidens pick for vice president and the reason why this happened is because of Kamala Harris’s history for being tough on crime and basically being a moderate.

Kamala Harris similar to Joe Biden or Progressives pretending to be Socialists. They need those Bernie Sanders votes and Biden and Harris are going to make a whole bunch of false promises to get those Bernie, AOC socialist morons to get on the Democrat bandwagon.

Both Biden and Harris can be bought, we all by now know about Bidens son and Harris although identifying as African American has been extremely harsh on crime during her period as a lawyer. Furthermore, the markets are already imaging Joe Biden stepping down and Kamala Harris potentially being the U.S President for a duration of Joe Biden’s first term.

Now, do I personally think Joe Biden will win the Presidency? Of course not, but Donald Trump was an upset and we’re talking about trading money here when it comes to the markets ‘no offense, it’s only business’ I prefer Trump, but the U.S is a democracy and shit happens, the worst-case scenario is the Democrats win and we have a stagnant economy, but one thing the markets have learned about Democrats via Obama, is that the Democrats will bail out wall street under the guise of ‘social justice’ and get away with it.

This is obviously bad for main street but it’s good for Wall Street after Biden and Kamala Harris are able to properly articulate their progressive view for the U.S economy, which ultimately equates to more taxes, which are easy to avoid if you’re not working for wages.

With the Democrats expect higher asset prices, debasement of the U.S dollar, and a lot of government waste on… Private sector contracts. I’m pretty sure Biden and Harris will do some sort of Green New deal to keep the Democratic Socialist base of the party happy.

It will be interesting to see if Kamala Harris and Joe talk about reparations for black people, I’ve already written that Kamala Harris is barely black if anything she should be called South Asian because she’s not even a quarter black as her father I believe is like 25% black.

So all of these means that the Democrat spending probably won’t be out of control if they win and obviously until further notice this wound up being bad news for Gold and Silver TEMPORARILY!

A reminder that Kamala Harris and Creepy Joe Biden haven’t gone on the campaign trail yet, I can’t imagine they have any chemistry, but a lot of people really hate Donald Trump, so this will be an interesting election for the ages. But I wouldn’t worry too much about the retreating price of Silver and Gold, in my opinion, it will fluctuate as soon as Kamala Harris starts opening her mouth.

Kamala Harris is in a great position to talk ‘reckless’ and make promises she knows she can’t keep because after all, she’ll be Vice President, not President,, and this to me will cause a lot of havoc in the gold and silver markets for the remainder of this year.


The overdue correction begins: How much can gold price, silver price fall? | kitco.com

Interesting times ahead!