Alexis Benveniste of CNN believes the Hunter Biden Scandal is beneath him to investigate: Hunter Biden: The anatomy of the New York Post’s dubious story Reviewed – October 19, 2020,

CNN is a private media organization and I personally believe it’s in their write to be biased towards Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, but at the very least they can do better than what I read below. Alexis Benveniste doesn’t even try to discredit the New York Post story which is filled with information that I personally believe could be put into question with a little effort, but instead, Alexis Benveniste took the easy route.

Alexis Benveniste opted to link the New York Post to Fox News and instead of addressing the evidence provided, he opted to hope that reader of his post simply took his word for it. Now, I personally don’t think die-hard supporters of the Democrat Party would even bother to read the Alexis Benveniste post, because they’re not going to vote for Trump anyway, but the swing voters are rather curious as to why and how The New York Post was able to gather so much personal information including pictures of Hunter Biden in very vulnerable positions and Alexis Benveniste didn’t even bother meeting the demands of these readers.

It’s the lack of effort I’m seeing from Leftist organizations that tells me they’re not ready for the complex world that awaits us. People born after the year 2005, based on my research are going to be a group of kids I don’t think the Left Wing is going to be ready for.

It’s unlikely that the next generation of children are going to want to be wage slaves when technology has clearly allowed them the option to shrink the size of government. Alexis Benveniste owed it to Swing voters and Leftist to give his article some effort. In the modern era what caught a lot of conservatives by surprise is that many of the experienced coders in the tech sector are Leftist, however, these aging entitled millennials in a few years are going to be replaced with a different breed of humans and these energetic kids that I’m working with aren’t going to be enslaved to the Leftist millennial dogma.

You can’t simply gloss over the details of the Hunter Biden story and hope people don’t investigate further, this goes far beyond Joe Biden winning the election, I think the Democrats aren’t comprehending the disaster that they’re going to walk into if Joe Biden wins the 2020 election.

The last 4 years flew by, there has been a lockdown and the stock market hasn’t crashed, oil prices are low, there are no wars, people are getting excited because the Chinese Communist Party might fall, there is relative peace in the middle east and again in the middle of a PANDEMIC, the stock market hasn’t crashed!

Now, if Joe Biden wins and the U.S economy goes downhill, wars break out and the world feels chaotic, everyone will point to Joe Biden and Leftism as the culprit. Sure die-hard socialist supporters will do everything in their power to spin the narrative, but the evidence is quite clear, Leftists are lazy and millennials without children have no idea of the type of energy they’re going to have to contend with as the new generation of young people, who are going to be a lot smarter than people understand now, will reshape the world.

If you haven’t noticed, my disappoint with the Alexis Benveniste article below has more to do with the lack of effort, it’s unacceptable for a reputable news organization to release that post, it address nothing, it’s hoping the reader doesn’t investigate further.

Now, although Joe Biden might be the man who can get rid of Trump, what the Left doesn’t understand is that Biden and Harris are no Barack Obama. Although I disagreed with Obama’s politics, I actually liked the guy, he’s impressive, Joe Biden in his best of times, wasn’t impressive, neither is Kamala Harris, the 2 of them are very unimpressive and I’m certain if they win in 2020, the entire country is going to turn on them, I can also visualize clearly that Biden and Harris being the modern-day Jimmy Carters.

CNN by publishing this garbage is not even providing a reason for Americans to like Joe Biden. Hating Trump and liking Joe Biden are two very different things, people didn’t like Jimmy Carter, people hated Richard Nixon and Watergate anyway. By the way, CNN Twitter reinstated the article, and actual journalists are investigating it! Anyway CNN it’s our funeral!

Hunter Biden: The anatomy of the New York Post’s dubious story | CNN

Interesting times ahead!