Review – Is it a scam?

Arcade Web of is a gaming website that’s free to join. It’s a website that combines entertainment and the ability to earn prizes. Arcade Web has games for all skill level so anyone who wants to join can have the chance to win their prizes.

In order to join Arcade Web, you simply just have to provide your personal details. Once a member, you can have the access to all their games and have the chance to earn tokens by participating on the activities in the website and playing in tournaments. Tokens won can be redeemed in the rewards center for prizes.

More about Arcade Web

The only requirement that Arcade Web asks before you could play their games and win their prizes is that you have to have an advertising supported program download to play. The bad thing about this kind adware-based gaming websites is that it has the potential to create potentially dangerous computer issues. Some of these programs may even be considered malware because of their infectious properties and may put the security and privacy of your computer at risk.

Final thoughts on

Arcade Web may be a legit gaming website that allows you to earn prizes but then, the way it works is not safe for you and your computer. The prizes you may earn from are simply not worth the risk.

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