Review Is It a Scam?

Don’t allow the clever marketing tactics of and their affiliates to trick you into signing up for their silly trial offers. first came to my attention via the fake news blog/website The actual scam page promoting the scam is If you when you visit that page it’s taken down, you can thank yours truly for that. Currently as of the publication of this post┬ástates in the their “title tags” “ESPN NEWS” This is 100% a scam. SCAM SCAM is a scam it’s not legit nothing about it is legit, when it gets taken down you’ll see. But I’m adding this pictures so that people can see this scam for what it is. SCAM SCAM

In the above images this scammer uses pictures of famous celebrities and athletes to trick the consumer into believing that Megadrol is best thing on the market and you can get it for free. Fraud Fraud

This fraud even goes so far as to add fake comments to it’s fake news website. What I find odd is that this scam came to my attention on a major news website. FRAUD FRAUD

It’s crazy to imagine that a blatant scam like made it onto these supposed legitimate news stations who are trying to sell or educate the public on how to avoid fake news. FAKE COMMENTS FAKE COMMENTS

With that out of the way allow me to now focus my attention to and their terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions.

I’ll keep this section short if you’re going to join make sure you read their terms and conditions because that’s where they catch you.

4.2 Customer must cancel before the end of the 14 day trial:

4.3 Subscription and Membership fees to the Site are subject to change at any time at the sole and absolute discretion of Company. The official standard one-month membership rates for the Megadrol Muscle Boost Services shall be set forth at the respective join pages of the site. The current standard one-month membership rate is $89.95.

This scam continues by also stating

Your membership will terminate after 3 months. If you wish to continue receiving product please contact customer service at (844) 534-6246. You hereby further authorize Megadrol Muscle Boost or its designated agent or assignee to charge your credit card (or other approved facility) for any and all purchases of products, services and entertainment provided to you by or though the Site.

If you do not cancel within 14 day which includes an additional 4 days for shipping. Thus there is a total of 14 days of the date that you enroll in the Program, we will charge the same card you provided at enrollment the monthly membership fee of $89.95. Then, beginning about 30 days after enrollment in membership program we will send you a fresh monthly shipment of the product and charge your card $89.95 when each supply ships. You can cancel monthly shipments and avoid further Monthly Charges at any time by contacting customer service at open 24×7 except for New Year’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

Final words regarding

I’m not commenting on the product Megadrol however based on my reviews I do believe and their affiliate mentioned are indeed scammers I do not think they’re legit. If you want to still sign up after reading this address all your comments or concerns to the customer service. Please leave your comments below as it will help others.