Purchase Audio Books Online

Purchasing audio books online has a lot of advantages namely the price. When purchasing audio books online is a much better idea to join an Audio books club. Because usually when you buy the audio book from a retailer or even at an auction site or an online dealer you end up getting stuck with those high retail fees.

When you buy an audio book from an online dealer many times you have to pay allot for the shipping and then when you calculate the difference you wind up paying just as much or many times more than you would have had you just bought the audio book at your local retail outlet.

Purchase Audio Books Online from an Audio book club

To save money both in the short term and in the long run i recommend signing up for some sort of online audio book club. When you purchase an audio book from an online book club you instantly save both on the shipping and on the retail price of the audio book. Choosing a company like audible will also give you top notch support. Add to this Audible has over 75,000 titles to choose from you can also factor in that you can download audio books onto CD and your MP3/IPod and you can see why I was able to collect the entire rich dad poor dad series on CD and MP3 for a fraction of the retail value.

Separating Audible from its competition

What separates Audible for me is there rich site, there large database of audio books and also the easy navigation of their website, this combined with their affordable price is the reason why i have been a member going on 3 years now. Audible is currently holding a promotion where if you sign up with them today you will also receive a free 2GB MP3 player which you can use to listen to your favorite audio books. This is a limited time offer. The only additional charge you will receive is for shipping & handling which will cost $9.95. For more information click the link below.

Audio Books Club Membership Plus free 2 GB MP3 Player