| Lit Mobile Review Is It a Scam? | Lit Mobile Review Is It a Scam? | Lit Mobile Review Is It a Scam?

So based on my reviews of there appears to be a logistics problem stemming from the COVID-19, Coronavirus outbreak. If you read the reviews from the Better Business Bureau all signs point to a logistics problem. Consider clicking the link below to learn more. | Lit Mobile Better Business Bureau Reviews

What this equates to ultimately is that somewhere in there Mobile supply chain they’re linked to China, possibly they used China to handle their shipping, manufacturing, or something along those lines. Being perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure what the fuss is about regarding and Lit Mobile, this stuff is available on Amazon in abundance, usually for a fraction of the price and although Amazon Prime during COVID-19 isn’t what is was prior, it’s unlikely that they’d have the same shipping problems Lit Mobile is currently having.

What do I think of the Lit Mobile/

Overpriced and hyped up, I’ve had these solar chargers for years, and let’s just as, once you own a couple you’ll quickly see limitations of solar for yourself. I know longer have to explain to the kids that Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the Green New Deal are corporatists money schemes geared on making a few politicians a bunch of money.

Because when we go out and they use and experience the solar experience for themselves, they quickly see politicians for the liars they are. I’m not going to say that and Lit Mobile are scams, but I do think they have a logistics problem so prior to purchasing their products, you may want to contact them first and see f they have a shipping problem.

I personally would never purchase anything from them, based on what I’ve read from the | Lit Mobile Better Business Bureau Reviews but if you want to take the risk go ahead. gain consider doing an Amazon search for the term “wireless solar charger”. There is a lot there for a lot less and real reviews for actual consumers.

That’s all folks!