Tax Increase disguised as climate change: Toronto city council votes unanimously declaring climate emergency – October 2, 2019,

The province of Ontario is in more debt than the State of California and Toronto Mayor who like many of his predecessors made Financial promises he knows he can’t keep. Well, all of sudden in case people haven’t been paying attention, lobby groups who are already positioned to benefit financially from Climate Change have already bought the politicians via various means to achieve their objectives.

Greta Thunberg as an example is being used by globalist, it’s actually a disgusting thing what her parents are doing, because in case many of you reading this don’t know Greta Thunberg’s dad Svante Thunberg is a Swedish author, arts manager, and producer, and actor and interestingly enough Greta Thunberg’s mom Malena Ernman is a Swedish opera singer.

You still don’t see the connection yet? You don’t see where the financing is coming from yet, ok, ok look at it this way, can Justin Trudeau get some credit for acting abilities, please? I mean let’s be serious Trudeau pulled off blackface at 29 years old and still managed to convince his followers that he doesn’t or never had a racist bone in his body. We’re nearing election time in Canada and there’s a 50/50 chance that Trudeau beats his opponents? Oh, he apologized, let’s forgive him you say, we’re not talking about an actor here, Justin Trudeau is the leader of what many call a multicultural country and his entire platform revolved around talking down to his adversaries, many of whom were NON-WHITE, he could become Canada’s prime minister for 4 more years.

Trudeau also met with Multi-National BILLIONAIRES prior to his 2015 election. I call it corruption in plain sight, but if you’re naive and don’t follow the money as I do, it’s hard for you to imagine the simplicity of these globalist schemes.

Justin Trudeau targets billionaires, tech moguls at secretive Sun Valley conference – CBC

Now, imagine for a second there were globalist/multi-national corporations, financing talented artists who were in influential positions of powers to pursue to control or put a meter on clean or renewable energies? When I say put a meter or renewable energy it means charge consumers more money than they’d other pay if the existing green energies were allowed to come to market without government intervention.

Renewable and clean energy is actually very, very cheap

One of the main reasons the world ended up with fossil fuel dominated economy is because renewable and clean energies are actually very cheap. Hydro-electric, Nuclear(multiple types of SAFE nuclear energies), natural gas, propane, there are tons of clean fuels that already exist, I could talk about the bloom energy box, the clean fuel developed by Marshall Medoff, solar and host of other clean environmentally safe energies, what people don’t understand is that all of these clean energies in about 5-10 years are all going to hit the market. If you think oil is cheap now, just wait until when Oil is no longer being burned. Oil will always exist, however, it doesn’t need to be burned, that’s what a lot of people that don’t understand oil and fossil fuels have a difficult time comprehending.

For OPEC countries and all the powers that be that know what’s happening, the writing is on the wall, the Climate Change carbon and other tax-related scams are actually their last-ditch effort to save their energy monopolies. Hilary Clinton was supposed to win the last election, and she was supposed to be the flag bearer for these multi-national corporations, however, Trumped won and because Trump won and has actually been an economic boost for renewable and clean energies, the globalists have increased efforts to stop the clean energy revolution from happening.

Now, Trump with all his ignorance on energy, cut regulations in the United States, in case people haven’t noticed, “clean coal” hasn’t exactly made a comeback in the United States, what’s actually happening is more money is being thrown into clean energy development, because via Trump there are fewer regulations and restrictions and this will upset the entire socialist applecart, why? Because a diverse energy sector is the worst fear of multi-national corporations who know AN ECONOMIC CRASH IS ON THE HORIZON!.

Why did the Venezuelan economy really crash? Oil prices fell, why did oil prices fall? Because of clean energy investment money started pouring into clean energies and the money hasn’t stopped pouring it, with all their faults a lot of wealthy INDIVIDUALS in the tech and other sectors have thrown trillions of dollars into renewable and clean energies.

Well, those investments are about to bear fruit, the real problem is that the governments are in the way. In Venezuela their President doesn’t want to relinquish power, Venezuela via their oil monopoly had a one-trick pony economy, their economy wasn’t diverse in the slightest, so when oil prices fell so did their currency and their standard of living.

Now, you might think Venezuela is the only country dependent on Oil, but you’d be wrong, Oil deflation is a global problem, it’s a Canada problem, most oil-producing nations are heavily dependent on their energy monopoly, this is of course why Canada’s province of Alberta has been under so much attack. As the market for oil shrinks, the players will use whatever tool at their disposal to wipe out their competition, so in case you’re wondering why a second-generation artist like Greta Thunberg is so convincing, imagine for a moment that it maybe, just maybe it was all orchestrated.

An economic crash or an economic collapse is coming and what comes out of an economic crash or economic collapse is something brand new, something unexpected, something usually that can’t be controlled, if people know anything about the market or investing, energy-based stocks typically yield the best returns, now imagine for a moment the energy sector started to mimic the tech sector?

The Tech sector is volatile prices drop and rise rapidly, I doubt anyone would pay the same amount of money today for a blackberry smartphone that they’d pay in 2007, that’s the tech sector in a nutshell, now picture for a moment the energy sector ended up like the tech sector? Lots of options, lots of competition and new clean energy inventions hit the market every month? When you can comprehend the massive changes headed our way in the energy sector, you start to understand the reason for the existence of the Climate Change Alarmists.

Like gas at the gas pumps, they want to be able to control energy prices, like your heating bill, like your gas bill all of these centralized energy institutions, the powers that be do not want to lose this power to get a monthly paycheck from you, now via the government and silly socialist proposals like the “Green new deal” the multi-nationals via the government can centralize clean energy and prevent the clean energy revolution from happening.

If you live in Toronto, be warned the government whether it be Municipal, Provincial or Federal is looking to create some sort of new tax. Now, I don’t know what it is, it may even make its way to the Federal Level, I’m not sure, but the article below is a dire warning that something is in the works.

Toronto city council votes unanimously in favour of declaring climate emergency | cp24

Interesting times ahead