Review Is It a Scam?

In the modern internet era of social media, if you’re going to get involved in social media, the idea is to be social. Well, currently Ali abubakers Youtube page he’s disabled Comments and disabled the ability to Like or Dislike his videos. I’ll be clear with something, even when I shop on Amazon, I don’t pay close attention to the likes and dislikes of a product, what I pay the closest attention to are the comments and the vendor’s responses to comments.

Sometimes people thumbs down things for no reason, sometimes people leave negative feedback for no reason, but when you prove yourself to be an insecure business person, that makes me question the belief you have in what it is you’re selling. Review Is It a Scam Review Is It a Scam

I was going to review this product, however, my browser is telling me that website is not safe, so this post will have to remain idle until I figure out what’s going on at website not working

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from

This wouldn’t have been a big del in my opinion had been more transparent on his Youtube page, because although there are bad people are Youtube there are also a lot of very nice and helpful people who would tell you that they’re having trouble viewing your webpage. This is part of the problem of not being social on social networking site. Baed on my current reviews is neither legit or a scam, because I have yet to be able to review it!