Review Is It a Scam? The Money School & The Money Multiplier Method By Chris Naugle Reviews

Based on my reviews “Money School REI”, or The Money School & The Money Multiplier Method By Chris Naugle is legit and not a scam; definitely not something I’d be interested in being a part of, but it’s transparent, obviously, there’s the whole high ticket sales component to his offering, but that doesn’t make it a scam in my book.

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He has a different approach to making money than I do; it’s not a secret that unless I’m operating as a corporation, I don’t like to use DEBT as a vehicle to make money. Corporations have better tax rates, and can do a lot of things INDIVIDUALS can’t do; obviously, as you get more wealthy or perceived to be more wealthy by people observing you, you have to also worry about lawsuits and when you’re operating as an individual whether you’re leasing cars are trying to get cash flowing real estate, you have to be aware of the potential unexpected COSTS involved in using DEBT as a vehicle to enrich yourself.

As one of the success stories in my family, I often have to explain to family and friends the DOWNSIDE of getting into business; this is usually when they start yawning, and rolling their eyes at me in hopes we can change the topic of conversation. I only bring this up because unless you’re reading to really GRIND it out, don’t use DEBT as a means to enrich yourself, debt ruins a lot of people who don’t understand how to MULTIPLY their money.

After I’m done writing this, I have to communicate with my accountant regarding taxes, another added expense you have to calculate into profit margins, if you want to be SUSTAINABLY successful as self-employed individual. So yes, it’s fun thinking about making money independent of an employer, but don’t think myself or Chris Naugle aren’t putting in BEHIND-the-scenes work; that wouldn’t translate well to an audience in a promotional sales pitch.

Before you join anything Chris Naugle is selling, make sure you’re mentally prepared for the work required, there’s a reason why only a select few have the ability to make money as self-employed persons or entities; it’s hard work! On a positive note, if you can put in the work and discipline, the payoff is fabulous; I’m writing this my pajamas, and chances are when you read this, months would have passed since I wrote it, which is like buying a dividend-paying stock that pays you a perpetual monthly income potential for the rest of your life.

Compare that to being forced to work a nine-to-five job that requires you to be at the job in order in order to be paid. Sure you’d take the latter, but there are personal sacrifices you have to make before you can make money while you sleep. Although there are ways to use debt to enrich yourself, I don’t like recommending it to the average person.

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Part of the reason we have this UGLY economy in 2022, and so many people willing to give up their liberties and freedoms, is because a lot of YOUNG people are in debt. I hate PERSONAL debt; if you’re young and haven’t taken out a student loan yet, don’t do it, you want to have FUN, and you have fun when you have money in your pocket that doesn’t come with a monthly expense attached to it.

For the most part I get paid via copywriting but for the average person, that’s not going to work, which is why the two avenues I tend to write about are Dividend Investing and Internet Marketing.

In the interests of transparency to the reader, I love buying dividend-paying stocks when there are MARKET CRASHES; when the pandemic first hit, oil prices fell like a stone, and so did a lot of dividend-paying stocks; I bought a bunch of very cheap and sold enough to make my stock buy basically free when prices went back up, and the dividend-paying stocks are still paying me a monthly income. If you want to make, passive income, don’t ignore Dividend Investing.

In regards to Internet Marketing, I’ll be frank with you; the learning curve is NOT fun, most people QUIT, which is why only a small percentage of us make all the money, despite what it might look like Internet Marketing is NOT saturated, quite the opposite, once you master Internet Marketing you can literally sell your services to other BUSINESSES, who will pay you thousands of dollars if they can delegate their internet marketing services to you.

If you join Internet Marketing via my method and want a refund, visit the ClickBank Order Support page with your email and order number. Although our Internet Marketing Training has a high success rate, most people can’t handle the work involved, it is what it is, so for those of you who can’t handle the pressure, you have 60 days to try it and if you’re not satisfied, just cancel, just make sure you don’t dispose of the email that will be sent to you after you sign up.

All the best, again I don’t think is a scam; I gave you the relevant information to look up Chris Naugle and all his products for free; consider doing that prior to committing yourself to any of his offerings.

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