Business Lending Blueprint Review Is It a Scam? (Oz Konar Reviews)

Based on my reviews “Business Lending Blueprint” by Oz Konar currently found at or is legit and not a scam. BusinessLendingBlueprint has an excellent reputation on the better Business Bureau, and online in general and this is due large part because of transparency, Oz Konar has always been transparent with what he’s offering, which isn’t cheap and does require work and hustle on your part.

Business Lending Blueprint the company has existed since 2017 and Oz Konar has a YouTube page if you’re interested in learning more about what he’s offering. Business lending is something I was involved in when I was younger and why I stopped was primarily because of Merchant Cash Advances I got involved in it, and it broke my heart to see small businesses stuck with what are basically “payday loans” for businesses, I couldn’t stomach it, which is why I got out of the business.

When I was doing business lending, did not exist, but the commissions for business lending have always been, huge I remember getting $1500 for 1 deal but finding a deal wasn’t easy, I might get 1 deal a month, so this is where a person can find a lot of value with

Business Lending Blueprint cost

When I did this review the cost of BusinessLendingBlueprint was $5750 for a one-time payment for BLB Mastermind, there’s also the option of paying $997 x 6 Pay, 30 days apart. It might sound like a lot, but if you’re successful it will pay itself back, I’m not endorsing BusinessLendingBlueprint, but it’s definitely not a scam.

Why I think The Affiliate System PRO Coaching Program is superior for beginners is because what you’ll learn with Affiliate System PRO is lead generation, which is why I opted for internet marketing over being a loan broker when you become a loan broker what you’ll need to learn in order to become successful is lead generation and for a fraction of the price The Affiliate System PRO Coaching Program will put you in a better position to sell, promote or recommend anything you want working from home, possibly without having to be in the business of selling loans to businesses.

What I used to find annoying about being a loan broker, were the follow-ups, when you understand how to generate leads, depending on what industry you decide to be a professional marketer in your follow-ups could be 100% automated, and what can’t be automated you can hire someone else to do for you, possibly remotely.

Because I prefer helping people to get out of debt it’s hard for me to sell debt products to people, but that doesn’t make a scam, the lending business will be around forever and BusinessLendingBlueprint is definitely worth considering for individuals interested in that type of business. Any questions or concerns you have for Oz Konar should be directed to his staff, currently, is very transparent, don’t rush into anything following him on his various social media platforms and get to know if what he’s offering is for you. All the best.

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