Review Is It a Scam?

Although this review shouldn’t serve as an endorsement for “Ecom Hub” or David Zaleski, based on my reviews, EcomHub is legit and not a scam, however, what I will say is that there is a qualification process when dealing with so for those of you who aren’t making at least 100 sales per month on Amazon, EcomHub may not be for you.

When I listen to what David Zaleski has to say, because I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2014 he makes a lot of sense, however, if I were a newbie, I could see myself being a little confused if I imagined selling on Amazon FBA to be something different.

If you’re currently profitable on Amazon FBA, I will say I do believe David Zaleski can take your business to the next level, however, the learning curve, as well as the costs associated with reaching profitability, could drown you if you’re not ready for the challenges associated with Amazon FBA.

I’ve reviewed a lot of these Amazon FBA training, just being honest, most of them aren’t structured properly as you’ll notice with EcomHub they currently have a “Done By You” option and a “Done For You” option. If your pockets can handle it I’m sure most people would take the “Done For You” option, with that said I still think the “Done By You” option isn’t that bad.

I prefer a learn by doing because when you learn how to do something you have that skill for life, whereas if you’re given something, you’re at the mercy of the teacher. With that said in good faith, I have to say that is worthy of your consideration, this review shouldn’t be considered an endorsement for or David Zaleski, any questions or concerns you have regarding their services should be directed and their team directly, this post should not be viewed as a recommendation for EcomHub

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