Review – Is it a scam?

My Advertising Pays which you can find at is a website that claims to help you make money simply by viewing ads. According to the people behind this site, you can easily make money in My Advertising Pays through profit sharing and MLM opportunity. Setting up an account in the website is free but there are fees involved if you want to start making money from them.

More about My Advertising Pays

According to My Advertising Pays, over a billion dollars is being spent on online advertising and it is their goal to share that money to the people who help spread and share the opportunity. In order to do that, you need to purchase their credit pack for $49.99. They claim that you can earn many shares-in-profit every 20 minutes. You will get one share for every credit pack you buy; hence, if you buy 10 credit packs, you’ll get 10 shares.

Another way to make money with My Advertising Pays is through their MLM opportunity. You will be getting 10% commission on the purchase price for any advertising product bought by someone you referred on the website. However, My Advertising Pays didn’t place further details on this.

Final thoughts on

The money-making opportunity offered by My Advertising Pays of looks a great way to earn money without exhausting yourself. But the problem with their offer is it’s too good to be true. Plus, their MLM opportunity seems like a Ponzi scheme where there is actually no fund to pay the members; the money comes from purchases of new members.

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