Review – Is it a scam?

Secure Home Profits which you can find at is a website that promotes a training program on affiliate marketing. According to the creator of this website, you can learn how to make money online through being an affiliate. The training is not free; as of this writing, it is available for a one-time fee of $97.

More about Secure Home Profits

Compared to other training programs on affiliate marketing that promise outrageous income , Secure Home Profits simply outlined what members can learn from them. By signing up, you will gain access to their 100 HD videos that will guide you step-by-step on how to make your first dollar from affiliate marketing. The company behind this could have realized that the training is not enough to answer one’s questions so they offer 7 days a week phone and email support.

Affiliate marketing is a legit form of making money online. It’s when you partner with a company and promote their products or services. You only make money whenever the link you posted whether in your blog post or anywhere in your website resulted into a sale. While many don’t offer huge commissions, there are people who have made a full time career from being an affiliate marketer.

Final thoughts on

While affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money online, you don’t really need training to learn how to do it. There are a lot of free resources online if you want to be guided on the initial steps. Secure Home Profits sounds legit but your $97 can get you started with affiliate marketing so it’s better that you save it up for starting your venture and just look for resources online.

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