YSense.com Review Is It a Scam?

A brief history of YSense.com, the name of this company used to be called clixsense (found at clixsense.com) and prior to Paypal shutting them down, in my opinion, based on my reviews, Clixsense was by far the best Paid to click websites online. There was no close second in my opinion because at that time as is the case now Clixsense wasn’t built like a pyramid scheme. Most paid to click websites are built like pyramid schemes in which the referrers with the largest downloads benefit while active users who haven’t master the art of marketing and advertising don’t benefit. Marketing and advertising is a skill that some people have and others do not have.

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In the event, a person joined ClixSense which is now YSense, they could make money without a downline or without referring anyone and they could do this daily. However when advertisers which were the engine that fed Clixsense were unable to pay Clixsense via Paypal and Clixsense also was unable to pay its members using Paypal, Clixsense was unable to turn a profit as it used to Clixsense wasn’t the only company that went through this. Any company that Paypal deemed a pyramid scheme suffered when Paypal decided to label them as an undesirable.

To make a long story short, YSense found at YSense.com based on my reviews is legit and not a scam, you can still make money doing surveys and other tasks on their website, they have paid to sign up offers and a few other options on YSense.com that you can take advantage of, but YSense is not what it once was. I have to call it for what it is. I used to rich payout weekly, now I’m lucky to reach payout at YSense in 6 months. I have no ill will towards YSense.com it’s a great company, they always treated me right, always paid up and always answered my questions.

What happened to YSense.com is an example of why there’s a demand for things like crypto-currencies because in my opinion YSense.com did things by the book if they messed up a few times maybe because they didn’t know a rule existed I wish they could have been forgiven, but they did as they claimed and even when Paypal shut them down they still managed to pay their members.

The YSense.com you see now in 2019 is not what it was and I don’t blame them, I also don’t Paypal, there are certain sketchy financial regulations that all registered companies have to abide by, being that Paypal is a behemoth, I’m sure when they cut ties with Clixsense, their staff probably didn’t see it as a big deal. This is why I personally am not against decentralization of the money supply, this is why I keep an open mind to bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. Thank you YSense.com you’re legit and one of the best Paid to click companies that ever existed.

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