2020Plan.com Review – Is it a scam?

20/20 Panel, which you can check out at 2020Plan.com, is a website that offers members with opportunities to make money online simply by sharing their opinion. Market research opportunities like this are no longer new. In fact, they have been existing for years as more companies are looking for ways to seek feedback to their products or services.

More about 20/20 Panel

Signing up with 20/20 Panel is free of charge. The company claims that it works the same way as other market research companies. They partner with other companies who pay them in exchange for qualified participants to provide them feedback.

There are several opportunities offered by 20/20 Panel. There are paid surveys, opportunities to try out products, and joining focus groups. The company claims that members can be paid between $50 and $150 for every project. However, it’s not clear how they are getting paid.

Final thoughts on 2020Plan.com

It’s good that signing up with 2020Plan.com is free of charge because it should really be free as its the partner company who will be paying for the members’ feedback. While it seems that the opportunities offered are legit, it’s not clear how members are actually getting paid and if they’re really getting paid. Prospective members of the website should also look into the minimum amount required for payout as some companies set too high limits that it no longer becomes feasible for new members to cash out.

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