Making Money Online 2016 Edition

I’m sure you know by now that there are tons of ways to make money online in 2016, but the better question to ask is what method is going to put money in your pockets long term non stop. By that I mean what method will keep the money flowing regardless of the economy.

Well as I’ve been saying for years and this blog is a testament, you must learn how to do Internet marketing. It really is that simple. Opting for ignorance is going to leave you financially stranded once that pyramid scheme you signed up for collapses. I’ve seen it over and over again, I’ve also read and met thousands of people that have signed up for a pyramid scheme or a multi level marketing gimmick and they made money… The first few months only for their network marketing venture to collapse a 5 month’s later. Because most if not all pyramid schemes require an upfront investment most dream seekers never make any profit and if they do the money they make is often squandered which is why I recommend learning internet marketing.

Once you learn internet marketing you become the boss, you no longer have to depend on someone else to build a business for your because you’ll be able to build one on your own and even have other people working for you. Although what I’m saying sounds hard the truth is in my opinion it’s harder being dependent on someone else to send you a paycheck.

Now the best place to learn internet marketing online in my opinion is Wealthy Affiliate. The reason I recommend them is simple, I’m a member so i know their training works. The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is you can try it for free and decide to upgrade if or when you’re comfortable. Here’s the downside to Wealthy Affiliate it doesn’t have all the glitz and the glamor that all the scammy sites have Wealthy Affiliate is people power, it’s a tight knit community of like minded people that all want to succeed. They have the best training, the most thorough training and the lessons they teach you will help you long term.

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