Surveillance State: As More Governments Move To Regulate Social Media On The Internet, What Comes Next is More PAID Private Networks – October 29, 2022,


The prior assumption was that China would be more like the Western World; instead, the Western World is becoming more like China, especially as it relates to social media. Unless it’s LinkedIn, you won’t find me using social media at all; I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, as I see little benefit in it. In Countries like the U.K and Australia, their respective governments can ALREADY use Social Media to have a cop show up at your door for something you post on social media.



Recently Elon Musk purchased Twitter, and I don’t see what all the excitement is about; if you ask me, it looks like the governments of the world have already gotten ahead of the purchase, and depending on what western nation you’re living in, you’d better be careful what you say online, because the more popular you get, the more likely you’ll get a knock at your door from law enforcement if they don’t like your political positions.

At the moment, even some people on the Left imagine that they’re safe from all of this, be warned the surveillance state is coming for you too; how this works is, first the Surveillance State comes after what it believes are SOFT TARGETS, after setting this precedence, most people will stop posting, in fact, most people stop posting altogether, this doesn’t mean they’ll dump their political positions, it just means they’ll change their behavior and take their ideas somewhere else and what’s left on the FREE platform is JUNK and promotional material.

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In order to comply with the social media overlords, a lot of content creators, which even include COMEDIANs, are watering down their social media content, basically making social media a giant COMMERCIAL, meaning that if you want something of substance, you’ll have to pay for it, or be INVITED to join. Why is this important to know? Well, this is why Cable TV lost so much market share.

People typically don’t like to feel like they’re being controlled or monitored; even in Communist China, some of their people have found a way to get around their oppressive government regulations; it will soon be the norm for people to say, “Why would you say that on social media, don’t you know the Surveillance State is watching” Sure people won’t use those exact words, but once it becomes the NORM for people to feel like their content is being monitored by government entities that can put them in physical HANDCUFFS, you’ll start seeing a change in behavior.

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It’s not so much that people will change, but BEHAVIORS will change, as was the case in the past when the government started to invade and infiltrate PUBLIC gatherings. More and more people began joining DECENTRALIZED PRIVATE organizations. I remind you that governments have tried to CENSOR and silence people before; in the digital era, this might be more difficult, but it’s still possible if the people play along.

This post is about social media, however, and I’m reading from more and more countries that their FEDERAL governments want to have more power over what can be said on social media, meaning that freedom of speech platforms will continue to be under threat, and naturally people will push to create more PRIVATE networks!

This is not all bad; it just means that if you’re on social media, you’d be wise to consider SELLING something like a digital book that might serve as a brochure for products or services you have for sale. The beauty of the internet is that you can be in business selling whatever you want 24/7/365 once you’ve accumulated the knowledge necessary to have a great life, leaving social media risk-taking to someone else.

It’s time for you to look out for yourself and your family, don’t waste time posting any content that could compromise your freedom. Am I telling you to give up on Freedom? Absolutely not; what I am telling you is that you don’t own Twitter, Facebook or Google, so stop pretending that you do; when using those platforms, if someone is writing something controversial, you focus on the promotion of your products and services.

All of these FREE platforms are going to be use as a toilet bowl, only good for promotional purposes and I recommend you get ahead of this curve now, grow your social media following and sell something that will make you money!

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Interesting times ahead!