Catherine McKenna Delivers on yet another Corporatist Climate Change Scam: Canada announces over $1.3 billion for ‘infrastructure’ amid climate change – July 30, 2021,

So the weather gets a hot for a period of time in what is known to all of us as one of Canada’s warmest provinces and the Liberal Government of Canada uses this, for yet another corporatist climate change scam. People curious to know where this money will come from need look no further than retail prices.

As I’ve pointed out in prior posts, the Government has already raised the DIGITAL COST OF LIVING in Canada. This of course is going to have a deflationary effect on the Canadian economy, even with all the cash giveaways the American ECONOMY isn’t growing.

What most people don’t understand about deflation, is that governments cover up deflation by DEBASING the money supply. Under a Gold standard, it’s easier to see when this is happening, however under this system in which there isn’t that much PHYSICAL CASH in circulation and most of the financial numbers you read about are actually DIGITAL, there’s a delay in the rising prices as labour costs hikes are suppressed.

However, because these climate change schemes are priced into the future when prices start rising most people aren’t going to remember these corporatist climate change schemes. I’m reading in certain publications that people are blaming gas hikes on everything except for prior carbon tax initiatives?
People have short memories, but at this point, it doesn’t really matter, because these deals are going to go bust once the government realizes their borrowing is going to lead to MASSIVE deflation with higher prices. It’s hard for most people to wrap their heads around higher prices and a deflating economy. But once it happens, it will start to make more sense.

Canada announces over $1.3 billion for infrastructure amid climate change |

Interesting times ahead!