CedarFinance.com review – Is it a scam?

To be quite honest when I was first introduced to CedarFinance.com I was very skeptical I’ve tried quite a few binary options websites and what I didn’t like about CedarFinance is I didn’t see how it stood out among it’s competitors. As many of you know the binary options industry is getting more and more popular and because more information is coming out about this type of trading works lots of scam websites are beginning to appear.

Personal thoughts regarding CedarFinance.com

Personally I don’t think that CedarFinance.com is a scam however I do question the long term stability of this binary options website because I don’t see how they really separate themselves. The minimum deposit amount for Cedar Finance is $200 and that’s regardless of the currency you choose. For me this is currently not a good starting point and the reason I say this is because for example if you visit the Empire Options website there are two things you know write off the bat one is their minimum deposit amount is lower and two they’re regulated by European Union.

Final thoughts regarding CedarFinance.com

Based on my personal review I don’t think they’re a scam I do think they’re legit however being that I’ve only known about them in 2013 I’m slow to recommend them to anyone at this time. Any questions or concerns you have pertaining to Cedar Finance should be addressed to them.

Please leave your comments or experiences with CedarFinance.com it does help others.

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