cellphonewatchshop.com Reviewed

I would have to say i really like the new concept of a cell phone watch going mainstream. At first glance it looks a bit outdated but when you actually think about it and walking with it and leisurely talking then it really hits you. because you won’t have to like hold the phone up to head and talk. It’s lazy in a way that it could give a playa some swag. If you catch the concept right off the bat you see the benefits to it.

Why purchase Cellphonewatchshop.com?

It has all the features of a standard cell phone yet it’s a watch which is actually something people don’t rock to much anymore if you really think about. unless i’m rocking my gold piece i seldom even think to put on a watch put this new concept has some serious potential. They got the female or “camron” pink style poppin also which is step in the right direction, and i think it was yung berg saying i might put some ice on it my cell phone watch which actually really makes you think.

it sounds dumb at first but when it settles into your head and you actually see someone rocking it i think it will spread. Will it be the next trend??? i don’t know about all that but it’s got some legs. Also its got some pretty good MC’s promoting it and plus the price is pretty reasonable. The thing i like to is that said it’s unlocked already. Thats right there immediately got me thinking cause i do allot of traveling and that’s hot. If you travel alot you know what i mean so it’s got my approval also you can buy it on paypal this another thing is anyone reading this you people men and women need to start tapping into doing business online. The internet is here you can watch movies, watch cable T.V, do business do anything online it’s the major reason them major music corporations are being hit hard.

Don’t believe the music industry blaming music sales on the recession

Don’t believe the hype about this recession b.s and people not buying records because of the recession, people are not buying because most of the mainstream  music out right now is crap, as well the unmentioned truth is the internet is one of the main reasons music companies are failing. “Rappers” like Drake and soulja boy seem to be some of the only mainstream artists really showing everyone the power of the net i’m not saying i’m a fan of there music but i do admit i respect the fact that they can see into the future of business in general. Cellphonewatchshop.com is another reason why i’m saying tap into the net its big business thats only growing everyday. I think cellphonewatchshop has a good thing going only time and the response of the people will tell how this thing turns out. peace.