Censorship Equates To Low-Quality Social Media, Have Social Media Giants Reached Their Peak? Why Political Regulation Of The Internet is a Dumb Idea – September 18, 2021,

Politicians and politics tend to run everything, Barack Obama was probably the first social president, then along came Trump, current President-elect Joe Biden seems idiotic even in the analog world, so nobody expects Biden to be a social media influencer, but I bring this up because whenever politicians or political hacks get involved in anything they ruin it.

Thankfully, people have choices and already people are slowly choosing to put their low quality or promotional information on Social media channels while saving their best for private online communities. This is why for myself I don’t think regulating social media is necessary, they’re big now and might even be big for the next decade, but history has shown us politics usually destroy a market.

As many of us know without central banks keeping interest rates and bottom basement rates, most of the businesses and therefore business models we see today wouldn’t work, so in many ways, many of these tech monopolies we see today as well as ideologies would be bankrupt if left to the free market, so it’s my belief that with social media companies engaging in massive censorship that the quality these social media giants you to get from content creators is going to slowly exit.

What I’m seeing a lot more of on social media are promotional videos, if this trend continues, what’s likely to occur is that most people will imagine most major social media platforms as junk platforms, not to say these platforms won’t have any value, but their value will be diminished.

I’m eager to see the value of social media under a normal interest rate environment because a lot of the valuations of a lot of these companies wouldn’t exist without government market manipulation.

Interesting times ahead!