centexresources.com Scam

When I see websites like this the first thing I tend to do is go to the contact page and when I went to the contact page on this website the first place I saw was Panama City. I am in no way saying that this site is a scam I wouldn’t know because I wouldn’t hand my money over to them but one thing I do know is whenever you start talking about Pyramid schemes and HYIP’s otherwise known as High yield Investments most of them use Panama as their place of residents.

I say this because almost all HYIP’s turn out to be scams after they’ve taken enough of peoples money. Now this site centex Resources from my understanding has just launched there’s no telling what direction it be heading into so all I can say is be careful who you trust your money too.

I can easily build a website pay about $200 to make it look professional I can also pay some people to make me a professional video for $300 and also advertise and market this website like it’ the best thing since slice bread. I can do all this without providing any facts to anyone and possibly make a profit from it. Once you entrust your money to someone for investing your money becomes their money and you will have to wait oo them to give you back your money. If you want to give centex resources a try don’t allow me to stop. I am merely giving you my opinion and I think you should stay far away from this scam!

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