The best cheap web traffic online

Online there are lots of place offering cheap web traffic I’ve tried a lot of them namely pay per view traffic, pay per click traffic pop up and pop under traffic and of course search engine traffic. There was a time when people, companies etc found ways to control Google via back linking etcetra but Google’s put a stop to that and they’ve basically went social which is why for most of us paid traffic by far is the smart choice because it’s faster and easier to test.

Currently the best cheap traffic online is being provided by AdFly  I’ve tested it primarily for leads and it works excellent. If you’re an affiliate however you might run into a problem which is AdFly doesn’t allow sites that have pop ups of any kind on them. My advice to anyone reading this is make sure you set up some kind of squeeze page with a video attached and then after capturing those emails send that traffic to your affiliate product.

If you’re a network marketer same rules apply be smart and capture those emails the best place to build a squeeze page is Getresponse they’re squeeze pages are top notch and they make it extremely easy to add things like videos or graphics to your landing page with Getresponse you don’t even need a domain name.

I will tell you from experience you’ll want to purchase the United States web traffic, I’ve also gotten pretty good results from Canada, Australia and the U.K but they don’t convert into customers as good as United States traffic does. If you select the world wide option you’ll get a lot of subscriptions however most affiliate programs are looking for customers from North America.

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