Review Is It a Scam

Not particularly sure what considers “TARGETED” website traffic but hey once you have a website you can say anything. Ok so I’m reviewing this site and so I check out the testimonials on their front page. All I can say is HILARIOUS!!! I believe two of their testimonials don’t even have active websites and the ones that do have websites all have terrible Alexa rankings. But to be fair 90% of internet businesses fail so I won’t cast judgment based on that.

Better than Most

I’ve reviewed two other similar traffic solutions and and I would say if this is the road you want to take for the growth of your website does a better job explaining to the customer what exactly they will be getting. Sure my guess is that “cheap targeted website traffic” gets there traffic from traffic exchanges and other similar resources but since I haven’t actually tried them myself and I will NEVER try them myself that is only my guess.

What is a Traffic Exchange

A traffic exchange is exactly what it sounds like users join the traffic exchange to “exchange traffic” traffic exchanges are usually free to join and is fastest way to get real traffic to your website fast. The downside to traffic exchanges is most of the traffic you receive is NOT TARGETED website and most of the people who sign up for traffic exchanges are there for the exact same reason you are and are usually not in the frame of mind to buy anything.

Traffic Exchanges are best used if you have a website that is completely free to join and to participate in. If you just want to raise awareness about something you are promoting a traffic exchange is an excellent to do so. Whenever joining a traffic exchange I tend to go with the big ones. The ones with the most members in it they are listed below.


I am not saying cheap targeted website traffic uses traffic exchanges or something similar to get you traffic. Since they won’t share exactly where they get their traffic sources from I can only guess.

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