How To Check Your Websites Traffic Ranking

There are three ways to easily check your websites world wide traffic rankings for free. Ofcourse nothing is accurate online but you can use them to get an idea or use them as a comparison to other websites to get an idea of how your website is doing world wide. Another reason you can use it is if you’re in the process of purchasing a website from someone else. Of course there are other sources out there but these three are the most commonly used.

1.) Alexa

Allot of people use the Alexa toolbar, Now the one thing i will say about Alexa is that there are ways to quickly boast your Alexa ranking but personally i don’t see the point of it, because there’s no sense in having a high alexa ranking and low rankings everywhere else. The thing most people like about Alexa is how easy it is to view their websites rank. Alexa makes this process extremely easy a simple search and there it is. Another thing to note about Alexa ranking is that only people that have the alexa toolbar installed will be counted. But because Alexa is linked to one of the largest websites online Amazon allot of people have grown to trust the Alexa page ranking system.


Many people are aware about’s, Quantcast differs from Alexa in that it measures Estimated traffic and Metered traffic from cookies. This is usually the method experienced marketing research companies or experts will use to measure a websites traffic value. Personally i find the information taken by the most useful and i highly recommend using them to measure your websites traffic.


Now i like but i because of this option to upgrade i kind of don’t like it because they won’t unlock some of their features until you do upgrade which i find a bit annoying none the less using Alexa, Quancast and to check your websites performance is a good way to both measure the value of your site and also to see how you stand next to your competition.

Google’s Page Rank Checker

Of course you can also use Google’s Page Rank Checker found at But personally i don’t find PRChecker that helpful in terms of finding a websites actual traffic. I’ve bumped into webmasters with high PR Value and NO traffic. In most instances a high page rank only means the webmaster of that website spent allot of time creating back-links to his or her websites. But as I’ve written before Back links only have REAL value if people are using them to find your website.

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