China and India are the biggest coal consumers: US, Germany to boost cooperation on shift to clean energy, the Political “Scientists” and the 2015 Paris Accord, The Maunder Minimum – May 27, 2022,


11-year 'solar cycle'—has a major impact on large weather systems and patterns on Earth

11-year ‘solar cycle’—has a major impact on large weather systems and patterns on Earth

When you read some of these articles you really have to read between the lines, because it’s when you actually read SOME of these articles and not simply the headlines, you can see who is willing to sell their soul and who is not. In the article below, there’s a portion that states the following “Scientists have said steep emissions cuts need to happen worldwide this decade if the goals set in the 2015 Paris climate accord are to be met.”

As a Canadian, I will say the weather hasn’t exactly been hot this year, maybe I’m speaking too soon, but just as the scientist at NASA stated “Every 11 years or so, the Sun’s magnetic field completely flips. Meaning that the Sun’s north and south poles switch places. Then it takes about another 11 years for the Sun’s north and south poles to flip back again.”

What Is the Solar Cycle? |

What they often ignore to appease the POLITICAL science is that 11-year ‘solar cycle’—has a major impact on large weather systems and weather patterns on Earth—“Climate Change”. It’s only when NASA and weather networks are FORCED to give details to specific analysis, which is important in not making people panic that they reveal the truth.

As an example, when the Government/NASA is presented with “political science”, it will usually give answers like the following

What Is the Sun’s Role in Climate Change? |

You’ll notice when you read the article above, that all of sudden the “science” is SETTLED, however, when presented with a detailed question, you’ll want to consider NASA’s response during that exchange, reading their response below they talk about The Maunder Minimum.

What about longer term changes? Do scientists think that changes in solar irradiance over centuries are strong enough to cause the current change being measured in Earth’s climate? |
These longer-term records suggest that the cycle can vary dramatically from cycle to cycle. Indeed, from 1645 to 1715 – an era now known as the Maunder Minimum – there were almost no sunspots recorded. Anomalies like this show that magnetic activity and energy output from the Sun can vary over decades

What is The Maunder Minimum?

The Maunder Minimum occurred within the Little Ice Age, a long period of lower-than-average European temperatures.   Some of us remember when the government told us that the earth was freezing, oddly enough that’s when the Sun was going through a similar cycle as we’re heading into now? Now, what I want to point out is that The Maunder Minimum seemed to have lasted from 1645 to 1715 that’s a 70-year cycle, of basically an ICE AGE.

Now, if we’re, to be honest, we don’t know what was happening in other parts of the planet, during that period. Because we don’t have the data, but again that was a 70-year cycle in which the SUN changed weather patterns on the earth. Now, if we’re headed for this period or a period like it, these political scientists might be digging our graves for us, as they phase out, what may have been our saving grace, from extreme cold weather.

The point I’m trying to make here is that SCIENCE IS NOT SETTLED everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but every time specific questions are asked, you start to realize that even within the science community, the science isn’t settled. Now, let me be clear, and this is one of the reasons why I HATE centralization because it’s an absolute certainty that the powers that be will overtly seek out THE BEST scientists who will parrot their political science narratives that the climate is changing because of man-made climate change.

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But when the right questions are asked and people are willing to do their own INDEPENDENT research it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Now, to date the Maunder Minimum is not fiction, it’s not some theory, it’s a settled history, however as we’ve seen with political science, they change their tune, once people start to realize they’re being scammed. They’ve even redefined the word “racism”.

Again the problem is the centralization of power. Now, one of the reasons why I like differing cultures on earth is because in this situation both China and India have no interest in obeying the dictates of Germany or the United States. Both Germany and the U.S have Left-wing leadership at the moment, China has been very aggressive with taking back Taiwan in the face of U.S aggression, and India recently signed a deal with Russia involving oil and gas.

Let’s talk about the Strength of the U.S dollar and Excessive Regulations on the Private Sector in Western Nations

I’m sure India and China will say whatever they need to say, to keep the Left-wingers in the west off their backs, but they’re moving forward with their own objectives and what this ultimately means for the U.S and Germany is that they’d better hope that clean energy alternatives to oil and gas are created within a suitable time frame because all of this money they’re throwing around is actually making hostile nations towards them RICH in U.S dollars.

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As I like to point out U.S dollars buy more in the third world than they buy in the U.S, meaning that as the U.S turns itself into a service sector economy, its weaponization of U.S dollars is actually turning on itself. Most people have a hard time comprehending how much demand there is for U.S dollars GLOBALLY. You might say, why doesn’t the world dump U.S dollars? My reply is a lot of countries including developed nations have BUILT their social safety nets by debasing their currencies to U.S dollars.

It’s not like China and India are without regulations on their economy, the difference is their regulations don’t drive up costs to the degree they drive up costs of doing business in most developed nations.

You might reply well why doesn’t the U.S fight back? I reply how? the U.S is the worlds reserve CURRENCY, everytime there’s an economic downturn, other nations that aren’t in agreement with the Paris climate change agreement get paid in U.S dollars, meaning that when the U.S or Germany sends undeveloped nations money, that money goes a lot further in these third world nations than they’ll go in the U.S. Is this money often squandered? Of ofcourse it is, but it still buys a lot more than it buys in the U.S and Germany.

The cost of labor is cheap in these other countries and the cost of doing business is also cheaper in most undeveloped nations. The U.S under current leadership is a regulations nightmare and whenever I think about Germany, you basically need a license to take a piss in Germany. Germany regulates everything. Germany actually pays for its welfare state, meaning that it has the most incentive to find an alternative to fossil fuels, but ask yourself the question, why haven’t the Germans found an alternative yet? Don’t forget the Germans have been in this solar revolution for a long time.

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I argue it’s either because there is no alternative, or it’s TOO EXPENSIVE for Germans to do the research. You have to remember, that COSTS go up with regulations, the cost of living is extremely high in Germany, and costs are rising in the United State. I bring this up because higher labor costs equate to it costing more to do research and development, which is something the private sector was willing to do FREE of CHARGE if the government left it alone.

But it’s this low IQ thinking from Leftists that create all sorts of economic problems in the real world. The article below doesn’t talk about competition, it talks about COOPERATION, and the reason it focuses on cooperation is that solar and wind, and even Nuclear, can’t replace oil and gas. Oil and gas are more than just fuel for your car, boat, or airplane. I like to remind people it’s called “petroleum jelly”. Polyester, plastics most German car parts, including their ELECTRIC vehicles are filled with all sorts of plastics, which are cheaper and cost less energy than MASS producing steel, aluminum, and other metals.

In my opinion, this political science climate change narrative that the earth is done if the GOVERNMENT doesn’t do something about it is all one giant scam!

US, Germany to boost cooperation on shift to clean energy |

Interesting times ahead!