China Threatens German Automakers over Huawei Battle – January 17, 2020

Chinese Communist Technology which let’s be honest revolves around SPYWARE and controlling narratives, is now n talks to dominate Europe with 5G. A reminder about the Chinese economy and how they got to the economic position they’re in now. China cheated, rare-earths mining, is an example of how China has used the propaganda machine to scare Western nations. China has no monopoly on Rare-Earths via horrible socialist, anti-capitalistic policies all over the world China has used their own Free-market brand of Communism to undermine the wage and price control legislation which have led to most Western Nations falling behind in technology.

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Money, money, money, that’s how most arguments are framed in Western Society, it’s all about the money, no it’s not all about the money it’s about a property, not just the physical property but intellectual property, trusted trademarks and trusted brands, trust amongst people, honesty, integrity, building a FREE WORLD, where we all can eventually be free and not worry about an oppressive government controlling us and claiming ownership of our destiny.

Now, what’s being ignored in all of this is what China has been doing in Europe. In Italy, as an example, they’ve already decided to be the first major European economy to join China’s massive investment and infrastructure project, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which basically will allow Cina to control the future infrastructure of Italy. Yes, Rome has fallen on very hard times when a nation known for building wonderful works of art, now needs a foreign power to build infrastructure for it? Can we admit that something could be wrong with the western world?

I hear all the time about people saying Europe is a far better investment than the U.S to which I often reply, which part of Europe? Because a lot of European nations have taken economic protectionism to its extremes and protectionism breeds entitlement and laziness amongst people because they have a lack of experience with bartering and trade. Consider taking some friends to a third world nation where bartering is the business and see how quickly the Westerner loses their shirt.

Chinese style communism is actually Fascism, however Fascism and Protectionism are very similar economic structures, the difference being that Protectionism resides under a democratically elected government, while Fascism is top-down authoritarianism. Now, China or I should ay the Chinese communist government, because most Chinese people who understand what’s happening are against this expansion and power of the Chinese Communist Party is outmaneuvering nations that view free-market capitalism as something that needs Government reform.

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Now, two formerly Fascist nations Italy and Germany are finding themselves face to face with the new modern-day Fascists. The Chinese communist party, wants to make Germany look weak, primarily because the German people are the most productive people in Europe, now imagine if China strikes a deal which makes Germans or the German economy dependant on China? This is reality pushes out the United States and akes the German economy heavily reliant on Chinese 5G infustructure, which of course will equate to China’s ability to spy on the Eurozone’s economy known for producing some of the best manufactured goods in the world.

This positions China to not only steal German technology but put the German people at a subservient economic position. Honestly, I’m shocked to even read that Chancellor Angela Merkel is even considering this, but hey, the world is what it is, because somewhere down the long, a lot of Western Nations decided that Freedom wasn’t worth fighting for. China is an authoritarian ruled country, there’s no getting around it, you can pretend everything will be fine all you want, but once China has the power to shut down your entire economy, it’s not to say that they will, but if they threaten you, there really is nothing you can do about.

Patience is part of the Chinese communist party strategy, even if this 5G deal doesn’t go through, as long as the Chinese Communist Party exists, they’ll continue to push and push until they have complete control over the global economy. Now, I keep writing that this is a result of protectionism, wage and price controls in Western Society, which allows China to undermine particular laws. But, entitlement culture is strong in the Western world. I’m not writing about a doom and gloom scenario here, what I’m trying to remind the reader of is that in life there is something called “Trade-offs”. There’s no such thing as a win-win, a win-win is a tradeoff and if one party is the landlord and the other is paying rent, the landlord ultimately has the final say. I can hear some readers saying to themselves, well the tenant can go to the government to stop landlord? Yes, but what happens when the Government and the Landlord have merged as one entity?(Fascism)

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I hope Germany doesn’t fall, victim, to this madness, but hey, laziness amongst citizens produces lazy democratically elected politicans. Protect me Government from this evil wicked Free-market, protect my jobs, give me minimum wages, give me free health care, grant me welfares and teach the men of my nation to be subservient to their thought leaders. A little socialism won’t hurt, lack of exposure in bartering and trade won’t hurt, everyone all over the world views the world from the exact same lens as we here in the Western World, don’t worry everything will work out fine. I’ve met Chinese people most of them seem like nice people, I’m sure their government has no aspirations to make my people be subservient to the Chinese Communist Party.

I don’t know how to wake up Western Society, but if you do, please find a way to do it!

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Interesting times ahead!