Chinese Communist Party Ignores G20 and will ignore COP26 summit, idiot Western Leaders Need Chinese Manufacturing, as their dumb regulatory policies raise the cost of doing business Nationally – October 31, 2021,

Talk about short-sighted leadership, when America ended up in a war in fear the world would end, it was America’s ability to produce things that it allowed to be the superpower it is today. Technological advancements have allowed all western nations to be energy-dependent. But better than energy dependence is a diverse energy supply.

Why the world isn’t energy independent and reliant on importing energy is because of existing regulatory policies and of course education. People in western countries are constantly being sold on this one size fits all approach. All fossil fuels must be banned is all the rage in modern society, so instead of low carbon options, we’re left with hard to dispose of dirty solar panels and plastic wind farms, because after all hydro-electric power is all about location, location, location.

These limited options, create limited investments, because as we’re observing there’s a high demand for Tesla electric cars, so much so, that there’s often a waiting list for Tesla EV’s. So in the marketplace would this actually would mean if the government got out of the way is that more energy companies would more than likely start financing green projects, just to increase their bottom lines.

But you see the governments of the world don’t want that because if that happens, the price for energy would be DRIVEN DOWN, and as we know technology is making government less useful. technology has been the great deflator of money, if the world was still on a Gold Standard, the standard of living AROUND THE WORLD would be 10X improved than it is today.

With that said I don’t want people to confuse the standard of living with people having more money. It’s currently far better to be poor in Canada than it is to be poor in Sudan because we have a better standard of living in Canada. But the main reason why Latin American countries as an example have a low standard of living is their government involvement in their respective economies.

Being that the U.S dollar is weaponized, most countries often create economic policies in the hope they can take advantage of having access to the U.S market. This wouldn’t happen under a global Gold Standard.

If people remember Argentia was at one point one of the riches nations on the planet, things began to change once the US abandoned the Gold Standard, all of a sudden socialism and big government policies started to garner support, because after all if money was backed by nothing, if you have a low financial IQ, you’d assume there were no consequences to growing the size and influence of your government.

Adding to the disaster was Marxist ideals creeping into and then dominating the education system, under a Gold Standard as everyone has observed with the failures of U.S.S.R and Mao Zedong’s China when the confidence in the money is gone poverty accelerates, no person or business likes to FEEL oppressed by their government, now sure politicians can talk a good game promising the government can give people all sorts of free stuff, but the government doesn’t create stuff the market demands, the government merely makes promises in hopes its citizens behave like slaves and act in a manner that aligns with the promises the government made to its voters.

Well, in the modern era, because most governments have OUTSOURCED their ability to manufacture goods to China, China doesn’t even have to pretend to care about G20 or COP26. Government regulations in western countries are worse than government regulations in communist China? Think about that for a moment and you’ll see why China doesn’t care about G20 or COP26.

I read it all the time, why do U.S businesses keep setting up manufacturing in Communist China? The answer should be obvious, but because we’ve been dumbed down into believing these idiot politicians are smart, people ignore the obvious. Before this corporate climate change initiative became the new tax, regulation, and spending scheme for politicians to enrich themselves, Western Nations were ALREADY losing their manufacturing base to China? Imagine what the world is going to look like after these carbon regulations are permanently blended into the cost of doing business?

China doesn’t have to pretend to care anymore, China also has supersonic missiles that the U.S currently can’t defend itself against? So not only is the world becoming permanently reliant on Chinese manufacturing, the Chinese Military may soon be more powerful than the U.S military.

So the question remains how does this problem get fixed? My answer is an economic collapse, namely the U.S consumer running out of money or finding the purchasing power of their money worthless. This shouldn’t be confused with the dollar crashing, as I’ve stated in other posts, the weaponized U.S dollar has a lot of value OUTSIDE of the United States and this is beneficial to countries who want to destroy or control America.

local taxes are local or national taxes and regulations are regulated to the areas in which those laws are implemented, the forex markets allow U.S dollars to hold their value outside of the United States and what this means is that the U.S economy could crash via inflation or deflation and the U.S dollar might still hold it’s value.

The cost of living increases based on government policies, the government doesn’t work for free, and people go along with this U.S fiat system because it’s for the most part transparent. So the weaponized U.S dollar can be turned against Western Governments because of their stupid regulatory and tax policies.

Regarding G20 or COP26 or any of these silly big government climate change events if China wants to show face in the future it can do so, but it can break the promise anytime it wants to because until Western Nations can manufacture their own CONSUMER goods, which keep those sales and income taxes coming in, they’re at the mercy of the Chinese Communist Party.

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Interesting times ahead!