The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Chinese protests that go unreported: More Tyranny From Ottawa Block Bill C-36 – It’s not an anti-hate bill, Justin Trudeau wants to dictate freedom of speech Block Bill C-36 – February 4, 2022,


Justin Trudeau is looking at the Freedom Convoy as an opportunity to pass Bill C-36, look at the reasoning below, this is to tell you how desperate these tyrants are. Freedom is winning!

In an interview, the minister condemned the flying of Nazi and Confederate flags by protesters outside Parliament as “disgusting” and “reprehensible,” saying such symbols have no place in Canadian society.

“Seeing symbols of hate right across the doorstep of our Parliament is unbelievable and should be condemned,” he said.

Hussen said the government will shortly reintroduce a new version of Bill C-36, an anti-hate law that died when the election was called.

Feds to press ahead with anti-hate bill, including online abuse: minister (Bill C-36) |

During the 2019 election, leftists decided to play dirty politics, staging a racist event in order to discredit Conservative candidate Andrew Scheer. It seems staged that Trudeau’s people would like to push forward an online hate bill when the event Hussan is talking about happened offline.

What it looks like to me is Justin Trudeau wants a media blackout for future “freedom convoy” events, because the Freedom Convoy is being plastered all over the world. and you have to remember that Canada is not the only country pushing back against tyranny, but other countries already have media blackouts. China as an example has a lot of protests that go unreported because the Chinese Communist Party has complete control over the media and the internet.

If there were Nazi and Confederate flags at the Freedom Convoy they were scarce and a fringe minority, as we know, there are tyrants in this country that play dirty politics, during the 2016 election, a woman Talya Davidson staged a fake hate video, she apparently had mental health issues? But notice how perfect the video was? Tyrants will not stop, so now is not the time to put your guard down.

Do not forget who Justin Trudeau is and what country he admires. We can pretend the video below, was all about laughs and giggles, but his actions are mirroring communists

Interesting times ahead