Review is it a Scam

Before signing up through anything recommended through this website be sure to read the terms and conditions or the fine print. If you are going to give out your personal information to this company make sure you read their privacy policy first.

My issue with

The website is basically a middle man website so when you use it be sure you read the fine print. in one of their ads the ask you for your cell phone number. It seems innocent well that is until you read the fine print which states

Summary terms: Welcome! While navigating through the site you will be asked to enter your cell phone number to receive a mobile content subscription. Depending on your carrier and cell phone manufacturer, the mobile content may include ringtones, games, wallpapers, or fun text messages. This content will cost from $9.99 to $19.99 per month and will be sent to your cell. Call for your money back within first 30 days of service if you are not satisfied.

I did not know giving out my cell phone number could cost me up to $20 per month. furthermore this bothers me because I thought the website was trying to help me. I am just telling you to be careful.Also if you are thinking about doing courses online make sure you research the school first there are fraudulent online schools and also there are online schools that are not respected so before you thorugh away your money make sure you do your research.

What you need to know about College Grants online.

I just want to make it known that there is no such thing as a company that has access to a bunch of free government grants this is one of the biggest scams online so don’t fall for any of them. If grants are avaialable you can or will find out by going to your local city town or states website thats the best place to look for grants to fall for these scammers.

other notable sites link to this include and

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