Clear Signs of Socialism: Another Christian Church in Canada Burned To The Ground – July 24, 2021


Leftists, Socialists Progressives have a by any means necessary approach to achieving their political objectives and via Justin Trudeau, they’re being subsidized in Canada. Some of you Conservatives who believe in the Welfare State, historically violence and destruction has always been the end result. Socialism is financing terrorism, that’s why the government is not supposed to redistribute money from the productive into the hands of the unproductive.

Humans are free to choose to be unproductive, freedom grants all people the right to be unproductive, but it’s not the responsibility of the government to reward and finance unproductive people. Unproductive people think unproductive thoughts, which is why it’s easy for unproductive people to destroy people, places, and things.

Unproductive people are like spoiled children, they’re looking for a purpose in their lives and are easily manipulated, Trudeau is financing terror and you can pretend he’s not, but that’s what the Welfare State does. When Barack Obama sent Ian billions of dollars, within weeks ISIS became a serious threat to the stability of the middle east and the world.

CERB and other corporate welfare programs are propping up a lot of entities with money and resources they didn’t have in the past, furthermore, the police are now on their heels, and Canadians legally aren’t allowed to protect their property. END THE WELFARE STATE!

Interesting times ahead!