Clickbank Refund Request Number

Whenever I buy something from click bank I know the phone number to call in order to get a refund but what I’ve noticed is that there’s plenty of people who don’t know where or how to get a refund from Clickbank as they don’t display their phone number on the front page of their website.

The reason most online companies especially one’s like click bank do not display their phone number to the public is because it costs them money to have customer support which would mean prices for vendors would have to go up. Being that click bank sells digital products and is basically the middle party between vendors, customer and affiliates you can clearly see why they would not want to give out their phone support unless they really have to.

At the time I am writing this it is April 23 2010 numbers may have changed if they have please leave a comment below so I can update this post thank you

Clickbank phone numbers

Contact Clickbank 1 208-345-4245


Contact Clickbank toll free Canada or United States 1-800-390-6035

Also if you want to contact Clickbank directly by email visit make sure you have your click bank, paypal and/or Credit card order number(s) handy

Thinking about becoming a Clickbank affiliate?

Take it from someone who knows Clickbank is 100% legit and they pay on time always. I’ve been screwed by a number of affiliate companies that don’t pay; but not Clickbank they’ve always paid me. A few tips promote good programs because refunds are major killers, nothings worse than wasting time and money promoting a program just to have majority of customer return the product in a few days. Thanks for reading my post if you want to learn the fully automated way to make money from Clickbank click here

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