review - Is it a scam? review – Is it a scam?

To start the first thing I want to say is kudos to Neobux for creating one of the best paid to click websites any of us have ever seen. But I want to point out that I’ve personally never liked the cap Neobux put on the amount of direct referrals a free member could have. I understand that the ability for users to purchase paid referrals is part of what makes their site thrive but it’s always been a feature I didn’t like so when I found Clicker Jet one of the messages that stood out for me was “Unlimited direct referrals”

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When it comes to paid to clicks many webmasters are fearful of free members joining and building huge down lines. Example being that I’m a content member of ClixSense one of the features I like most about them is how low it is to upgrade my membership and also the amount of money I can make from my direct referrals per month which depending on how large your ACTIVE down line is could equate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.

Most paid to click websites will stop paying their members when they see how much money they have to payout to members with huge down lines. But if you create things like banner advertisements and clix grids these programs can offset any loss in profit a paid t click might incur. ClickerJet although new as of 2013 has some interesting features to it that you might want to research on before you sign up. Their frequently asked questions section gives you the breakdown of their paid to click site.

They have a pretty interesting $1 bonus which is given to members who can basically bring advertisers or paying members to the site. has three different memberships CJ FREE, CJ PILOT and CJ CAPTAIN which is nice and they also have an option to purchase rented referrals which is pretty good as well.

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Reviews for will continue to be good as long as the pay their members. They have a variety of different payment methods which makes them more desirable for people from all parts of the world. I think they have the potential to be around for a very long time however we’ll have to wait and seeing because as we know most paid to click websites disappear within a a few years.

I still think ClixSense is the best paid to click website however seems like a good option plus they have more payment processors. One last thing I want to touch on is their “CJ matrix” personally I don’t know if this is a good idea but we’ll just have to wait and see. I wish you all the best and hope Clicker Jet can help increase your income.

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