Climate Change Alarmist: Taxpayer group wants an independent investigation into Metro Vancouver’s new North Shore Wastewater plant construction fiasco – October 19, 2021,

When most of these Left Wing idiots are being brainwashed into believing that socialism or the government taking over the means of production is the best path forward, what their educators often omitted from the conversation is why capitalism generates so much wealth. Because CENTRAL banks who serve governments that need a monopoly on MONEY creation hate DEFLATION, most people imagine PRICE deflation as a bad thing, but no in a free market society DEFLATION in prices fuels ECONOMIC growth.

Growth in the modern era in which most of us are forced to transact in fiat Canadian dollars equates to increasing the money supply. But under a free market money supply, money is nothing more than a convenient form of bartering. Money or CAPITAL in a free market can be anything it could be Gold and Silver, oil, wheat, seashells, promise, anything.

This makes capitalism DEFLATIONARY because if the price in Gold and Silver becomes too expensive, people might start trading in Bitcoin or something else. Control over the Money supply is something Socialists like, capitalists prefer assets that generate wealth because again money is only a convenient form of BARTERING. GOVERNMENTS don’t build anything, governments run PERPETUAL ever-increasing deficits, and governments at best FINANCE the building of things and most politicians ignore the COST OF DOING BUSINESS.

Because after all, it’s not politicians’ personal money, the politician can’t go bankrupt if the GOVERNMENT project fails and the politician has the convenience of using TAXES to enrich itself. The Private Sector has to provide VALUE to enrich itself, the politician only has to speak words that resonate with the voters and the politician is free and clear of all blame and responsibility. The business person, on the other hand, has to make a project economical and this becomes difficult when the politician keeps changing the rules and regulations of the economy.

Because if let’s say a government creates a carbon tax in its fiat currency, nobody would care if they had a choice to stop using the currency, people would simply stop using said fiat currency and avoid the tariff. But in this era, fiat currencies or legal tender laws are all the rage and now that this zero percent central bank interest rate experiment on the surface appears to be working, Governments all over the world are moving more to the extreme left, so much so that price increases that should be common sense now warrant “independent investigations”.

I give credit where credit is due, I’m shocked that the private sector gets anything done in Canada, these climate change-based regulations are tough to navigate through. There are shortages of all sorts of things and Canada is becoming more reliant on imports as we destroy our manufacturing base to meet our Paris climate change targets.

It takes a lot of fuel to import a lot of the things needed to build the type of wastewater plant they’re attempting to build in Metro Vancouver and prior to the recent increases in the price of gas, Metro Vancouver had abnormally high energy prices, I can only imagine how high energy prices are now in Metro Vancouver. Anyway, if you’re a believer in the political climate change agenda get ready to pay more and expect less. Because there’s a cost to government regulations, not only do businesses have to adjust, but their employers and the consumers have to adjust to the new costly government climate change regulations!

Taxpayer group wants independent investigation into wastewater plant construction fiasco |

Interesting times ahead!