Climate Change Alarmists, you’ve been duped: Saudi Aramco to sell 1.5% stake, valuing company up to $1.7T – November 17, 2019

So yeah, in case people aren’t comprehending what Donald Trump did, well, he basically rearranged the energy economy and if you live in a country in which the doctrine being presented to you by your governments that the world is going to end if we don’t take action soon, well, you’ll want to consider looking into the story I point to in this post. Now, I’ve been writing about this for years, a lot of people know what’s going on, most of the uber-rich know what’s going on, however even if they were to tell you that Climate change was a hoax, would you believe them? or would you think that these rich, evil people were trying to destroy the planet at your expense?

Now obviously particular entities within the Oil monopolies all across the world who tend to lean towards some form of authoritarianism governance view the world differently from your average carefree billionaire but make no mistake about it, people like Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, Justin Trudeau and the like are being financed by someone… Seems far fetched to many of you, I know and that’s what’s genius about it, in Canada as an example Justin Trudeau has almost put a nail in the coffin of Canadian oil. It’s not to say Canadian energy is dead, but it h has taken a massive step backward and it will take quite a while for the Alberta Canada il patch to recover.

Technology has changed the energy and this is something that you’d have to educate yourself on independently, because if your view of the world is that care into energy extraction hasn’t been getting better every single year, you’re obviously not an investor, because many of us investors, invest to keep energy extraction clean. If you’re a believer that the government should fix the problem, well, I guess you believe that governments eve democratic governments aren’t corruptible😂.

That Justin Trudeau guy, he would never hurt a fly he’s good for the environment 😂. I personally don’t know how to convince people otherwise, as a child I remember Canada experiencing some bitter colds and the government convincing people that the entire planet was going to freeze, at the time the elders spoke of the government using this to create a new tax, at that time I thought that was preposterous, no, the government is here to help us I assumed, in my young adult years, a movie called water world came out, this was the first time we were global warming had gone mainstream, because after all the world is filled with water, yet for some reasons regions have water shortages, even though distillation exists, weird isn’t it? It’s almost like there are entities trying to stifle human development, nooo, couldn’t be, the authoritarians want the best for us, don’t they?

I heard this weird theory that when you raise the standard of living for humanity and when you educate humanity on individualism, they tend to shrink the size of government or they get rid of dictators altogether, hmmm, I wonder if that’s true and if it is true, I wonder if collective forces would fight to make sure this doesn’t happen. Anyway, if you can’t see the correlation between the article below and the Climate alarmist agenda, I can say with absolute certainty at the moment I don’t know how to convince you otherwise.

Saudi Aramco to sell 1.5% stake, valuing company up to $1.7T |

Interesting times ahead!