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There is plenty of affiliate cloaking or affiliate link Cloaker tools on the internet that allows you to encrypt your URL or allow URL forwarding. Many of these URL masking, URL redirection services allow users to shorten their URLs fast. Many URL redirect services are completely free. The reason I use this free URL redirection service however is that you can track your visitors, you can track how many hits you get and where these hits come from and even get paid for it. The good news for anyone that wants to use this free URL redirector/redirection service is that I also use it so you won’t have to worry about advertisements going along with your ads.

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Also, you won’t have to worry about your URL getting blocked. I know some of you have used URL redirection services and then come to find out later that your ads we’re being blocked or worse they we’re being redirected to another website. You don’t have to worry about any of that with this one because I use it I would never do that do myself or to anyone else for that matter.

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Whatever you want to call it this Cloaker can do it all why pay for what you can get for free. a Message to all you Phishers out there I will delete your cloaked URL(s) if you are caught phishing. For those that may not know what phishing is well, it’s basically someone trying to get your personal information by posing like a major corporation? For example within days of launching someone was trying to use my service to hack Citibank customers. That’s not acceptable this service is for my fellow honest internet marketers who just want to make some money

Click Here to Cloak Your Url Free Now


How is different from other cloakers

There are services many other free cloaking URL software’s, free URL forwarding software’s that allow users to hide their affiliate URL and/or allow URL forwarding but many of them carry heavy restrictions and also put ads on with your redirect many of them do it after they get a few thousand users. Then there are the goody-two-shoes cloakers like and others who tend not to allow affiliate network links in. Many major services that shorten URLs block out certain domains so some domain name forwarding is not allowed.

This cloaker tool is not made to make your URL super tiny it’s created for URL forwarding and URL masking.  Redirect your URL free today with this free URL shortening tool.

Click Here to Cloak Your Url Free Now