The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Clueless Welfare Loving Canadian Idiots: 70% Canadians support dismissal of employees who refuse COVID-19 vaccines according to Angus Reid poll – November 16, 2021,

Canadians voted for Justin Trudeau TWICE in convincing fashion knowing he was the most corrupt politician in Canadian history, I’m a realist, I don’t pretend to imagine things that aren’t factual, sure I wish Canadians had more common sense, but the reality is what it is, what should frighten Canadians, even more, is that Canada has 4 and bordering on 5 DOMINANT Left Wing political Parties, the NDP, The Bloc Quebecois, The Greens, and the Liberals. Now if these Parties merge together as one, that’s about 75% of the Canadian vote being Left Leaning.

The Conservative Party looking at the polls has decided to move further to the Left, they’re now a Center-Left Party, fighting for PROTECTIONISM as well as several Leftist causes. The problem with socialism is that it creates a lot of LAZY people, and lazy people tend to lack common sense, as most of them do not have a job or their employment is something they hope the government can make easier.

This socialist atmosphere allows Canadians to imagine that labor, namely skilled labor is ABUNDANT. “We can replace those medical professionals easily, look how many nursing grads there were last year, blue-collar work is easy, we can find ANYONE to replace those RIght-Wing nuts who don’t want to do what the government demands.” This is a preview of how most Left-Wing people imagine the world.

Most Left-Wingers imagine that people work hard for the GOVERNMENT and not for themselves, Left-wingers imagine that government regulations aren’t that big of a deal and when a Left-wing idea doesn’t work, you’ll notice how quickly Left-Wingers will blame capitalism and Right-Wingers? We tend to ignore prior left-wing ideas that didn’t work and only focus on the current left-wing ideas that aren’t working.

This is the prelude to economic collapse prior to the Roman empire collapsing all the warning signs were there, Roman citizens had become lazy and dependent on foreign nations to keep the Roman economy afloat, the Roman government debased the money supply and ruled only by FIAT, which made it more vulnerable because as we know, most humans are mercenaries Risk life and limb for Gold, Silver, and Freedom or fight or work for an aging empire that is at war with a portion of its own citizens?

The article below is very sad, it’s one of the reasons Hitler rose to power, the people assumed that their economic and social problems were caused by the Jews, Catholics, and non-Aryans, those Germans over there are the reason I’m getting poorer, they’re causing the plague to spread, let’s use this Hitler character to punish them, he seems like the right man for the job.

Now even though NAZI means National Socialism, the Leftists have done well, to attach National Socialism with Capitalism and Right-Wing idealism. But in practice National Socialism is the same as Democratic Socialism or Marxism, National Socialism is merely using the government to push the majority of people’s agenda. In Canada, if you’re a Conservative, Libertarian, etc. you’re a minority and it’s best that recognize what’s happening.

Actually, ‘m pretty sure most of you already know what’s happening, what you may not understand is that ignorance, will lead to economic collapse, do not imagine for a moment, that people who love big government will change their minds when the economy goes bad, no, that opposite true, they might double, triple and quadruple down on their dumb ideas, this is one of the reasons Conservatives tend to be quiet and reserved. Left Wingers are not violent, many of them have SERIOUS mental health issues and they don’t internalize their problems they externalize their problems.

Leftist behavior reminds me a lot like a spoiled teenager, those of you with kids, know what I’m talking about, the spoiled teenager wants a QUICK FIX and is ok even if their standard of living continues to decline as long as they keep getting their quick fixes every once in a while. If the cost of living keeps rising, no big deal as long as every once in a while the food bank has the foods that I want. Anything but hard work please

Government dependents DO NOT pay for the higher cost of living!-This is often hard for most people to wrap their heads around, but once you get more out of the government than you put in, you’ll gladly accept a lower standard of living in exchange for welfare. This leads to more people imagining that skilled labor is easy to come by. That’s something you should consider when reading the post below.

70% Canadians support dismissal of employees who refuse COVID-19 vaccines: poll |

Interesting times ahead!