CNN insinuates that Ron DeSantis Should Hire ILLEGAL immigrants: While DeSantis was flying LAW Breaking asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard, Booming Florida Faces Labor Shortage😄 – September 27, 2022,

First and foremost, never try to reason with people who are DISINTERESTED in obeying the law. There are people who are 100 partisan and 100% biased towards the messaging coming from CNN; it’s a waste of time to try and negotiate with terrorists. CNN is not only promoting breaking U.S laws, but they’re also trying to PROTECT their rich friends and supporters at Martha’s Vineyard.

If I lived at Martha’s Vineyard, I’m doing whatever I can to change the NARRATIVE of what happened. Whether I like it or not, if I live at Martha’s Vineyard, Ron DeSantis embarrassed my community and me. The people at Martha’s Vineyard had been virtue signaling for years, behaving as if they love illegal immigrants, but the moment 50 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS showed up on their beloved island the people of Martha’s Vineyard took IMMEDIATE action to have them removed to send a very clear message that these “legal asylum seeker” as CNN calls them can NOT find LEGAL residence on their island.

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In the minds of these Martha’s Vineyard, someone else should take on the burden of housing and taking care of these “legal asylum seekers” because, for them, I assume it should be ILLEGAL for legal asylum seekers to SQUAT on their island, instead, they should pitch tents in small Texas or Florida communities.

Now, I don’t know if CNN was paid off to run the story I point to below or if they did so for their own ideological reasons; however, their piece could only be targeted towards people who are ALREADY biased towards the CNN agenda, because the story is Social engineering at finest. Personally, I would just let this story die, you win some you lose some, and this story would be better left for dead if you’re a hardcore left winger.

What appears obvious after reading the story below is that either Left Wingers, in general, are EMBARRASSED, or the people of Martha’s Vineyard are embarrassed personally. Left Wingers have embarrassed themselves plenty of times in the past and simply took it on the chin; in this instance, it appears, some people feel the need to engage in some sort of damage control, which is what I find odd.

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We can call the illegals “legal asylum seekers,” but that actually makes Martha’s Vineyard even worse because that would indicate that these “legal asylum seekers” had a LEGAL RIGHT to go to Martha’s Vineyard if I’m a “legal asylum seekers,” I could argue that Martha’s Vineyard is where I’d like WORK!

The Massachusetts minimum wage is $14.25 per hour, The service rate is $6.15 per hour. PLUS POTENTIAL TIPS from some very wealthy people, why would I waste time with Florida? Florida’s current minimum wage is $10.00 per hour and won’t reach $15 until 2026; now, if I’m looking to make money as “legal asylum seekers” and I’m offered more money, I’m going straight to Martha’s Vineyard because let’s stop pretending that housing isn’t getting more expensive in Florida, Florida also has it’s own housing shortage problems.

This should have been considered an opportunity for Martha’s Vineyard residents to practice what they preach. Instead, they’re passing the buck because we all know that the people at Martha’s Vineyard don’t want this to become a TREND, which is why I don’t excuse the possibility that CNN was INCENTIVIZED to publish the post I point to below.

While DeSantis was flying legal asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard, business owners in his state were struggling for workers |

Interesting times ahead!