review - Is it a scam? review – Is it a scam? to the best of knowledge is legit and it is paying however being that Bitcoin by it’s own admission “can unpredictably increase or decrease over a short period of time due to its young economy” I honestly wonder how this paid to click site will realistically survive the test of time when it’s reliant on the market conditions of Bitcoin?

Personal thoughts regarding

I’m a fan of Bitcoin and CoinAd and I like the fact that they’re only paying in Bitcoins which in my opinion makes them very stable. The only down side to CoinAd is they’re not paying in any government backed currency. However this posses a lot of opportunities for people who hate trading in their local currency. Because in actuality CoinAd has become a market place to trade Bitcoins for digital services

Paid to click sites like ClixSense pass on fees to members when they cash out. When you’re using Bitcoin there are no fees which is great because your payout won’t decrease. Coin Ad has a low Bitcoin payout and from what I know their paying and have been paying for over a year now!

Bitcoin is great concept because it’s showing the world what doing business is like without having to pay fees or taxes and I expect to do nothing but continue to grow in the future! The dream for Paid to click has always been what could happen if merchants didn’t have to pay for fees. Well now it’s here and Coin Ad is now a leader in Bitcoin Paid to click. The only thing I would like to see from is an open members forum

Final thoughts regarding

I don’t think is a scam I do think their legit however you will have to review it for yourself to understand that they really do pay because although reviews are generally positive CoinAd currently doesn’t have a forum where members can post success stories of being paid.

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