The Coming Coalition Against Erin O’Toole: Liberal majority government in ‘doubt’ as Justin Trudeau’s Blatant Vote Buying Schemes Accelerating Poverty For Working Class Canadians – July 24, 2021,

As deflation begins to settle into the Canadian economy, higher consumer prices are destroying the quality of life for hard-working Canadians.

Canadians who aren’t paying their fair share, namely Canadians heavily reliant on a Government cheque love Justin Trudeau, as I like to point out people on Welfare don’t care about consumer price inflation, because they don’t have to work a 9-5, 10-6 12 8 or 12-hour shift job, they’re not contributing to the Canadian economy with their labour, they’re the real tax cheats, so for them imagining a Universal Basic Income or in general more Government handout sounds like a fantastic idea.

This is now the base of the Liberal Party, whether it’s legal entities looking for Corporate Welfare or individuals looking for financial welfare, the Liberal Party of Canada is the political party of the elites and the entitled. This is very dangerous for any Canadian who understands basic economics.

There’s a very good chance that Justin Trudeau could win the coming election and even win a majority, but Joe Bidens’ policies south of the border are starting to eat away at Liberal Spending. Luckily for Justin Trudeau, he was the beneficiary of Donald Trumps’ economic policies, Canada is America’s largest trading partner and whether you like Trump or not, the U.S economy was cutting COSTS to the private sector during his presidency.

Joe Biden has different ideas, Joe Biden wants to raise the cost of doing business in America, and this will have a dire effect on Canadian exports to the United States. Trudeau was BORROWING money before the pandemic, it’s only gotten worse since, central bank interest rates have remained low, but even with artificially low-interest rates, costs of doing business are rising in Canada, asset prices are rising, energy prices are rising as are food prices.

Retail debt instruments like lines of credit and credit cards, haven’t changed their interest rates and wages in Canada are stagnant and if employers are forced to raise wages, consumer prices will also be forced to rise, this is all DEFLATIONARY and destroys Canada’s economy as more money will purchase fewer goods and services.

Recently, the Liberals passed a law forcing eCommerce companies to charge consumers GST  this is also deflationary, what used to be $1. is now $1.13 in some instances, again more dollars to buy fewer goods and services, and don’t trick yourself into believing that more tax collection by the government equates to the government spending less, most public sector workers get paid wages that keep up with inflation, so as the government collects more taxes, the public sector workforce will also get and may even use their labour unions to demand a wage increase.

Most working-class Canadians are getting stuck with these Liberal tax hikes, while the people who aren’t working laugh at them, Big corporations who are beneficiaries of Liberal Theft are laughing at the Canadians working-class, imagine being a low wage employee in Canada and people who don’t work are getting paid more money than you are?

Now, I get there are some working-class Canadians who don’t know what’s going on, but there are enough that do. I could be wrong but I don’t see Justin Trudeau increasing his popularity in Quebec, Justin Trudeau will live and die on the Ontario voter and to my surprise, although most Ontarians disapprove of Doug Fords handling of the pandemic, Doug Ford similar to Erin O’Toole appears to be the default vote. for a lot of Ontarians.

I personally think Erin O’Toole pulls off the win and a Leftist coalition is soon formed against him. Although I personally will vote for Maxime Bernier, I do think when the average Canadian who loves their country when in front of that ballot box, will vote for Erin O’Toole, not because they necessarily like him but because they know the damage Justin Trudeau is creating for the country.

Online polls are deceptive and most people online who care to know the difference between truth and propaganda will never vote for Justin Trudeau. The Ipsos poll tends to lean left, and conservative people, in general, aren’t going to waste their time doing a poll until elections are officially called. Most Leftists live and die via politics, people on the Left in many instances, require a politician to steal for them in order for them to survive, so they will support their Leftist candidates in any way they can, a lot of them don’t work, so they have time to do Ipsos polls.

Conservatives tend to get involved in politics only after an election is called, most of us on the Right hate politics, we’d prefer to be working and spending time with our families, our problem is that governments are hell-bent on stealing from us, limiting our rights and freedoms, destroying our livelihoods and way of life. That’s why Conservatives vote.

Conservatives could survive without the government doing ANYTHING, we don’t run to the government for welfare or UBI or other similar socialist schemes, that’s all Leftist and all of that theft occurs because of profit-driven Leftists politicians.

The mere fact that Conservatives gained any traction in an Ipsos poll, says a lot, because it means, more Conservatives are waking up to the reality that an election is looming.

After the debacle that happened in the United States with their 2020 election, it’s unlikely that Canadian Conservatives are going to allow the mainstream media to run away with the narrative that Justin Trudeau is going to win any election by a landslide, once the election is officially called, Conservatives are most likely going to start participating in these election polls.

Liberal majority government in ‘doubt’ as lead over Conservatives shrinks, poll findst |

Interesting times ahead!