Communist Party of China Sympathizers Paid Canadian Protesters To Protest for the release of Meng Wanzhou – January 22, 2020,

A brief reason why I’m against wage and price controls like minimum wages, and protectionism. Modern society revolves around manufacturing things, like it or not, our entire existence as a country revolves around Canadians having the ability to maintain their standard of living without complete reliance on another nation Importing things to us. This has absolutely nothing to do with money and everything to do with the survival of our own people and our own nation.

The reason why I’m not against tariffs or a tariff tax is that we want to invite foreign companies to Canada to provide our people with jobs. Now, in the event, we raise the barrier to entry by imposing excessive government regulations and we also turn away jobs for lower-skilled Canadians by imposing minimum wages, this, of course, allows countries who aren’t as developed as Canada do not only manipulate their currency but undermine most Canadian manufacturing businesses.

I worked with sheet metal in my younger years and because of the stupid provincial laws imposed by not only the Federal Liberals but the Provincial Liberals in Ontario, the company I worked for was very uncompetitive. It had to change locations several times not only because of the labour unions but because of the other edicts opposed on it via the Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments. Now, making matters worse is how the Canadian tariff system is set up, it’s set up primarily to enrich the Government and not to help to stimulate income taxes.

Income taxes are paid from private businesses who generate profits, an unemployed employee can’t pay income taxes, when there are fewer people contributing to income taxes or if government workers or employees in protected employment sectors of the economy are the main contributors to income taxes, not only will the government be pushed into deficit spending, the manufacturing job creators who would otherwise be contributing to the Canadian economy can’t be because it’s too expensive, what this eventually leads to is foreign political influence, influencing public perception.

Now, consider reading the CBC article below, in which clearly the writers of the article know what’s happening but have to be careful how to frame it as to avoid offending a very important Canadian trading partner.

The strange tale of the paid protesters supporting Meng Wanzhou at her extradition hearing | CBC

Please, someone, Tariff those Capitalist Americans from selling things to Canadians that Canadians want to buy!

Why does China undermine Canada’s tariff system? Well, Canada intentionally manipulates its currency to keep its currency lower than the U.S dollar. By almost every single metric, the quality of life is better in Canada than it is in America, but for some strange reason the Canadian dollar is near parity with the Aussie Dollar, have you ever wondered why? Canada and Australia are not the same, we have similar governance, but in actuality, the Aussie economy is better built than Canada’s economy, the difference is Canada is bordered with America, whereas Australia and Oceanic region is heavily dependent on Asia. Canada has a great banking system, you actually wouldn’t know this unless you visited other nations.

Sure you might have to wait in long lines to see a bank teller in Canada, but this is actually more of a branch management issue than it is a banking problem. Canada as a country actually is geographically positioned to be far and beyond the richest nation on earth, so the question to ask is why is it that One-Third Of Canadians Can’t Cover Their Bills? Well, as I’ve stated over and over again, Socialism is expensive!

Personal Finance Poll Finds One-Third Of Canadians Can’t Cover Their Bills |

Do you like big government? No problem, be prepared to PAY FOR IT! and accept the fact that the environmentalists which by the way are Globalists want to take away your countries sovereignty and usurp your electoral and political processes, in their pursuit of securing their investments. In a free market, it’s important to remember that new companies emerge and often shrink the size of the old. This is not a bad thing if you accept it, however, if like the communists, you believe the Government should have the final say in which company succeeds and which company fails, well my friend, you’ve just become a supporter of the Globalists! Globalism is the merger of Socialism, communism, and Fascism, Globalism exists because of protectionism.

‘I want to protect my job’, well, in order to do that in a non-market based environment, the government has to control certain aspects of the economy and it’s important to remember when the government controls certain aspects of the economy, they need a large corporation or a large financier to deliver on their promises.

He who makes and manufactures the things essential to your standard of living rules over you. If China one day said we’re no longer going to trade with Canada, who wins and who loses? Canada loses, Canada loses big time, because then we’d also have to yield to the Americans, who although have a shrinking manufacturing sector, still have a large enough manufacturing sector to supply Canadians with its essentials.

Oh, that’s an easy fix you say? No, not s fast, you see Canada has raised the barrier to entry for American businesses to sell into the Canadian market, making matters worse are the Canadian companies who receive government protection from foreign competition, this in case you’re wondering is why Canada has to tip-toe around particular politically related topics. Clearly, if you read the CBC article what’s it’s basically showing you is Chinas ability to interfere with public perception in Canada. Notice the picture below that the people there don’t appear to be Chinese? Notice the signs? notice the energy of the protestors, none of this appears strange to anyone? According to the CBC only 2 of the protestors were hired?

The strange tale of the paid protesters supporting Meng Wanzhou at her extradition hearing

The strange tale of the paid protesters supporting Meng Wanzhou at her extradition hearing

Now, obviously I know that people being paid to vote or people being paid to protest has been happening in Canada for decades, the problem is often times the paid protestors are funded by several different organizations, who as an example will benefit from Canada imposing a carbon tax or by Canada not allowing energy companies to flourish within our borders. Now, when the Canadian news outlets cover these stories, it’s important to remember that within their media organizations, they’re not allowed to tell the truth the way they see it individually, they have to form their stories by guidelines set for them by the entities paying their bills.

Being that Trudeau is obviously a globalist, so when entities like the CBC who benefit from his generosity of Canadian taxpayer dollars, frame fixing climate change by imposing a carbon tax, the debate is no longer structured openly, the debate is structured in a manner that stipulates if these carbon taxes aren’t imposed the Canadian public, many of who are on some form of welfare themselves or need government protections to survive when they’re told the world will end without carbon taxes, sell me on when they should push back?

Now, on the flip side, as it relates to Meng Wanzhou, instead of using the words paid protestors, CBC frames the story as “The strange tale of the paid protesters” almost to make it appears that only a few of them are being paid because you know… imagine word came out that you could pay protestors sometimes as little as $150 to cause economic chaos? Imagine Canadians could formulate their own opinion that maybe these protestors or the heads of the protests were being paid to cause chaos? It would change the entire narrative and perception of the Canadian public.

The possibility that protestors are being paid? How do you put that genie back in the bottle? In case you haven’t been paying attention, Canadians barely pay attention to Union protests anymore, why? Because most Canadians know Unionized protestors are paid pretty good.

Why do ANTIFA members wear masks during protests? Recycling a Paid Protestor, Protest Again!

Now, by paying protestors, it’s important to remember, that it’s not necessarily a cash transaction to each individual protestor. The organizers of protests are often the individuals being paid, while the suckers, often the young people or the people who show up and protest for free because they were brainwashed into believing that the world would end if they didn’t march to save the planet, these are indeed paid protestors, they’re just not smart enough to realize they’re marching for free while the organizers are cashing in.

You’d have to understand that collectivism as a political idea revolves around a chosen few being the leaders and their followers being their subjects. If the collectivist leaders are able to convince their subjects that they’re acting on behalf of their best interests, well right there, you got yourself clueless and free support. Now as an organizer of a protest you can more easily raise money because your overhead to protest is now less expensive being that you have all of these clueless suckers doing the legwork for you.

I worked as a volunteer, I know what happens, but good luck trying to convince the brainwashed public, that this stuff actually happens. Plus based on what I know, some people are so brainwashed that even when they figure out the truth, they’ll often find a way to justify as to why it was necessary for this protest business transaction to take place. This story is embarrassing to Canada, and quite frankly I’m not sure what the future holds if Canadians don’t reconsider protectionism.

The strange tale of the paid protesters supporting Meng Wanzhou at her extradition hearing | CBC

Interesting times ahead!