Competitive Price Discovery: How To Price Things WITHOUT the U.S dollar, bartering paradise

I like to point out that many people all over the world still price the U.S dollar as if it was still backed by Gold in fact, there are still people who believe that money is backed by something tangible. I had people say to me that they believe governments have a secret pile of cash stashed somewhere waiting to help humanity in case of economic collapse. I bring this up because most humans I’d say 98% of us are ignorant about what money is and how it’s created.

Without legal tender laws, people will naturally gravitate to Gold and Silver as mediums of exchange, but these won’t be the only barterable commodities in a free market, industries might inevitable create their own petrodollar system because after all oil makes finding Gold and Silver easier, but how do discover prices without the U.S dollar? The answer is quite simple if trade in stocks if you trade in stocks, your net worth can actually rise based on what you own in the paper, the stock market can exist with or without the government, the difference is that with the government, if you “lose” in the stock market, the government might find fault in the person who sold you the security, in a free market, the concept of “wages” disappear.

Wages are a creation of government, wages are easier for the government to tax, wages are supposed to represent a form of security for labor, if you work as a legal entity or even a sole proprietor, you are entitled to write off expenses, but you’ll lose guaranteed wage that the government promises you under the law. Now, if you opt not to accept wages, and comfortable living without wages, you’ll soon realize where the term “wage slave” comes from.

Wage Slavery Fuels Demand For The U.S Fiat Dollar

There is no fixed price for labor, nor should there be, but what most people want is to be paid in something that is a storer of value, in a market economy void of legal tender, in which private property is respected how a person imagines wealth is how they become wealthy. Because instead of let’s say simply working for Gold and Silver I opt to own help finance more private businesses, which pay me dividends of some kind.

These dividends don’t even have to be paid to me in Gold and Silver, these dividends could be coupons that allow me to purchase food without spending Gold and Silver. Coupons already exist in the modern era and the reason a private business employs coupons is to attract attention to their business. In a world void of U.S dollars and silly government regulations, expect that coupons grow in popularity.

In a world void of political influence in the private sector, most businesses probably would not hire people and pay them a wage, they’d more than likely offer the LABORER some form of tangible PROPERTY. Don’t get me wrong there will still be people who demand to be paid in wages or something guaranteed, but the job creator wouldn’t be forced to do anything, so if you demand to paid a guaranteed wage, you will have to perform, the beauty of a market economy is that if you’re not being paid a wage, and instead opt to be paid in property, you will have the right to demand job conditions be improved.

Wage slavery demands improvements to a business that may have nothing to do with improving job conditions, this pushes the cost of doing business up, because let’s say the wage-slave wants more vacation time, now if the laborer owned part of the business, the laborers would probably find a way to make the business better so that they can vacation more frequently. If you’re a laborer creating widgets, and you know how to fix and maintain the widgets and these widgets are profitable in the marketplace, you’d work differently, you’d also have different demands as a laborer because you’d eventually want to free up your time.

Maybe you’d spend a one-month building as many widgets as possible to meet the common demand for widgets, and then take a vacation or do other things with your time for the next 11 months, if the widgets meet the demands of the public at most maybe you have to do maintenance, furthermore, without government, most widgets don’t have to be recreated to as an example meet the new emissions standards of the government.

This of course makes whatever property you’ve already accumulated appreciate in value, price discovery in the marketplace is often deflationary without the government which enriches WORKING CLASS society. What stunts this economic growth is often violence. Prior to the “New Deal” as an example, what people tend to forget we’re all the violent labor union protests, demanding more compensation for their labor.

What you have to remember about these protests is that the labor and the unions that represented them were unwilling to leave their jobs, instead, they wanted the job creator to be forced into paying them more money. This is one of the main contributors to price and market distortions. How you price things without legal tender or the U.S dollar standard is that you let the market decide, but SAVINGS becomes far more important in a market economy than in the economy we’re in today.

If you’ve practiced savings even saving fiat money, you’re on the right track, your next step will be to master the art of picking winning businesses. You must learn how to this in order to become wealthy, try to ignore fiat money and all the nonsense that comes along with it, instead start forming friendships and business partner relationships with like-minded people, because that’s the real wealth.

Price discovery will always be DEFLATIONARY, the only real way to prevent deflation is INNOVATION, big government spending like it or not is an innovation, it’s the worst type of innovation, but it allows inflation to occur, it’s unsustainable and it creates all sorts of price distortions in the marketplace, but it’s an innovative way to hide DEFLATION. In the real economy, you’re mind must be fixated on improving your STANDARD OF LIVING being rich is in the eyes of the beholder, the government often wants a wealth effect so it creates an arbitrary number to determine that a particular individual is RICH.

But Jeff Bezos has created all the money he’s created because as an example he wants to go to space, I personally have no desire to leave this planet, now the truth of the matter is that a lot of people would be space travelers had it not been for the government. If it weren’t for government regulations, we don’t know what this planet would look like.

Afghanistan has now beaten both the United States and Russia WITHOUT a government, they’ve also by their own standards accumulated military wealth without spending a single cent. They barter and their good negotiators, do not assume that the government makes your life better, focus on increasing your standard of living and you’ll discover prices don’t matter!

Interesting time ahead