The Best Business Conference Call Service Provider For Your Business

Modern American businesses require a business conference call service provider that is affordable, trustworthy, and dependable. There are many companies specializing in providing conference call services, but deciding on the best can be a daunting task.

Flat Rate Conference Call

One of the most popular is AT Conference, and with good reason. It offers some of the lowest flat rates for conference calls in the industry, with rates falling well below the average for many larger companies including AT&T and Budget Conference. In some instances you can save up seventy percent by choosing them.

Their service is available twenty-four hours a day, and can be used with any phone on the market. The company features America based support, and live operator support is available at any time with the touch of a button, so if you ever need help you’ll be sure to get it quickly and easily.

AT offers many other unique features. For example, you can have your call recorded, burned to a CD, and mailed to you overnight. You can also receive your recording via email for even faster review. Usage reports are also available completely free of charge. In addition, unlike most other conference call companies, AT conference calls have no limit to the number of maximum participants.

Unlike many alternatives, AT Conference is a reservation free company, which is great if you have an unexpected need to use their service. There are no contracts to sign, no monthly fees or minimum charges, and no setup fees or activation costs. You’ll be able to conference call the same day you join up, and will have total control of your conferences thanks to their web-based call management system.

Affordable Reliable Conference Call

Their client list is filled with government agencies and Fortune 500 companies who’ve realized that AT is among the best choices for conference calls. They’ve also been named one of North America’s fastest growing companies of 2010.

No other conference call company offers the security, dependability, and full array of features that AT Conference provides. Any business—no mater how large or small—is likely to find all of their conference call needs more than taken care of through this quickly growing, highly respected company.

They offer operator assisted conference calls and web based conferences as well, both at much lower prices than their competitors.

AT Conference offers a free, no risk seven day trial, so that you can try out their services and confirm for yourself that they are indeed the industry standard when it comes to business conference calls.