Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Setting Himself Up For Failure as Prime Minister: Price Controls Dominate Canada’seconomy, Poilievre says his choice for Bank of Canada governor would focus on 2% target – January 1, 2023,



For someone like me, I stand by the position that too much emphasis is made on central banks. Living legend Ron Paul made “End The Fed” popular; although other politicians talked about central banks, Ron Paul made it the main theme. In the modern era, most people tend to forget that Ron Paul was trying to limit the expansion of government.

Ron Paul was not trying to make the claim that all problems revolve around central banks, but what he was saying was that if the government had to go to the market place to borrow money instead of using a central bank, it’s unlikely that the government could AFFORD to infringe on the freedoms and liberties of people, as market interest rates for things like “Phasing out fossil fuels” would be pretty high.

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Instead, in Canada, at least from the Canadian Federal government’s perspective, phasing out fossil fuels is Free; WHY? Because every bad idea Justin Trudeau comes up with is financed by Canada’s central bank.

Canada Debt Clock |

Canada, a country with fewer inhabitants than California, has over a trillion dollars worth of debt. I’m not sure of the 2022 numbers, but in 2020, the State of California had about 500 billion U.S. dollars worth of debt.

State and local government debt in California from fiscal year 1999 to 2021 with a forecast to 2027 |

Canada’s population is around 38 million people, and California’s population is around 39 million people. When most people think of California, they imagine far-left politics, but at least to date, California has managed to be more responsible with its spending than Canada. What I’m getting at here is what is fueling the debt in Canada. Is it the central banks or the PRICE CONTROLS?

I argue the problem in Canada are the price controls, and Pierre Poilievre in exchange for votes, supports a lot of the price controls that exist in Canada. Well, with very passing day, more and more government workers are getting a pay raise to keep pace with the inflation rate. Making matters worse are the employees working in the private sector who are also demanding a pay raise.

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For someone like me, where I’d prefer Pierre Poilievre over Justin Trudeau is HOPEFULLY freedom of speech; the main reason I want Justin Trudeau out of the political arena is his constant attacks on freedom of speech, Trudeau has been relentless with his pursuit to limit speech, and this is the main reason why I I’d gladly exchange Pierre Poilievre for Justin Trudeau.

With that said, economically and financially, Pierre-Poilievre appears as though he intends to MICROMANAGE the economy. Although Justin Trudeau is trying to frame Pierre Poilievre with austerity, the truth appears that Pierre Poilievre will likely only rid Canadian tax payers of the bloat. Justin Trudeau’s engaged in RECKLESS spending, and solving that problem will be easy.

Trudeau is very talented and framing his own narrative that his followers gullibly and happily consume, and Pierre Poilievre as prime minister is going to have to deal with being responsible for the Canadian economy, which won’t be as simple as replacing the Bank of Canada governor.

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again I actually like the Trudeau-appointed Tiff Macklem more than I liked Stephen Poloz, who I often call the WORSE Bank of Canada governor in the history of the Federation. Is asset price inflation not consumer price inflation?

When the price of commercial and residential property goes up, is that not a TAX on Canadian society? So why, then, wasn’t Stephen Poloz harassed by Justin Trudeau for destroying the housing market? I have no idea what Pierre Poilievre seeks to accomplish by targeting Tiff Macklem, but I remind him that the public sector union lobby in Canada is quite influential and by SYMBOLICALLY firing Tiff Macklem, Pierre Poilievre is setting himself up for failure with the various governmental factions that have POLITICAL power over prices.

There is no market wage for government workers, and Pierre Poilievre still has his own agenda to fight climate change. I expect a lot of protests against any and all of Pierre Poilievre’s agendas, which will drive the cost of doing business up in Canada, and this will occur while Pierre Poilievre has effectively gotten rid of the Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem and replaced him with his own puppet.

Personally, I think this is a DUMB short-sighted strategy by Pierre Poilievre. Erin O’Toole won the popular vote without promising much of anything. More and more Canadians are becoming anti-Trudeau every single day; why create another enemy to destroy? Pierre Poilievre could easily, under these circumstances, say LESS and accomplish a whole lot more.

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The only way to beat price controls is to start FIRING people and shrinking the bloat, and even that doesn’t always work, especially when there are lobby groups who will fight like hell to justify their entities’ right to exist. Canada has a very left-wing media, and let’s say Pierre Poilievre decided to cut some entities reliant on the government to survive, well those entities will typically run to Canadian media to justify their existence, and mainstream media will likely publish several articles that will appeal to the sensitivities of Canadian voters.

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As a Conservative politician, I always think it best to SAY LESS. I’ve enjoyed observing Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who continues to say LESS. Most Canadians don’t understand the finances or the economy; the Lef has been very efficient with narrative politics. However, narrative politics goes both ways, and what you don’t want to do as a Conservative is make the mistake of presenting yourself as the best CENTRAL PLANNER.

When you fire the money man and openly discuss inserting your own money guy, you’re setting yourself up for failure; nothing beats PRICE CONTROLS; central banks are merely there to facilitate DOMESTIC price controls because, truth be told, if Canada were on a Gold Standard, we’d be bankrupt, once you understand that price controls don’t allow for DEFLATION, you quickly comprehend that blame should be pointed SQUARELY at Justin Trudeau.

Next Bank of Canada governor would stay focused on fighting inflation: Poilievre |

Interesting times ahead!