The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre says he is “proud” of the truckers and stands with them – Total Votes For Conservative Party of Canada will be a sight to behold – February 12, 2022,

Based on Justin Trudeau’s current regulatory environment, consumer price inflation is unlikely to subside, now there are several ways, Justin Trudeau can deal with rising inflation, the one that stands out to me is “an early election”, Pierre Trudeau left politics at what I consider to be a perfect time, his successors had to deal with the economic disasters he created.

As of today’s date, based on Justin Trudeau’s response to the “Freedom Convoy” he’s permanently lost a portion of Canadians, meaning they’ve officially tuned him out and will not begin to adjust their lives to his tyrannical behavior, a loud protest is preferable to a quiet protest, a quiet protest equates to people merely buying their time, potentially hiding in their shells, for their own personal reasons.

As an example, I have friends in Mainland China, who have told me, if the Chinese military is ever faced with a war in which their opposition presents a fight, a large chunk of the people in the Chinese military will defect. A lot of people living in mainland China have NO LOYALTY to the Chinese Communist Party, they merely accept the job for the pay, power, and/or prestige. Many joined merely because they hope to be high-ranking members of the Communist regime in the future, but will not WILLINGLY give up their lives to protect the current regime.

The same is true in Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela, big governments rule by fear and I like to remind people, that a lot of people working for the Federal government, weren’t enforcing mandates on truckers anyway. Justin Trudeau and his minions aren’t as powerful as they’d like you to believe, and that’s why Pierre Poilievre is so interesting.

If there’s an election it’s not a guarantee that Pierre Poilievre will win, Trudeau could win, but I’d like to see the voter turn out numbers for Pierre Poilievre. I want to see if they far exceed Erin O’Toole’s numbers. If I’m, to be honest, I didn’t know Justin Trudeau would be this bad at conflict management, I expected him to avoid using force, but now that Trudeau has decided to use force, everyone will have to observe what that looks like?

People who love big government will like seeing tyranny in action, you saw this in Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, Castros Cuba, Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela. Democracy or mob rule produces tyrants in society, who are open to the government using an “any means necessary” approach to quell opposition to the “crown”. With that said, how large is this tyrannical voting block in Canada?

Government Welfare does make certain people feel very powerful, so I can’t say that I know what will happen if an early election is called. But Trudeau could avoid embarrassment by calling an early election and losing, leaving Pierre Poilievre with the task of cleaning up the economic mess he created. What is the economic mess Justin Trudeau created exactly? Well, if we’re to be honest, it starts and ends with Canadian energy, Pierre Poilievre will have to get rid of these regulations first.

Because of Pierre Poilievre’s stance on mandates, ending covid-19 mandates will be a no-brainer, but let’s also consider the backlash from ending covid-19 mandates. You have to understand the FINANCIAL benefits, some people were getting from lockdowns and Covid-19 regulations, these welfare leeches, will work as hard as they can to change the narrative, and eventually, it’s going to work and this is where my problem with Conservatives politicians stems from, how many government mandates and regulations will Pierre Poilievre get rid of before he’s used as Prime Minister?.

The reason Justin Trudeau has been allowed to be so tyrannical is based on what Stephen Harper didn’t do. As an example had Stephen Harper not hired a very accommodative dove known as Stephen Poloz to be the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Justin Trudeau wouldn’t be able to spend and buy votes in the way he did. I like to remind everyone that Candidate Trudeau was very open about spending taxpayers’ money.

If you look back at candidate Trudeau, he promised and delivered on his goal to be more tyrannical. This happened primarily because of the Bank of Canada’s interest rates. Stephen Harper wanted to shrink the deficit and by hook or by crook he was going to do it, and then along comes Justin Trudeau, who ran on interest rates being low.

If you listen to Left-wingers they have an obsession with money, Left-Wingers like to borrow money, I always hear and read about Left-Wingers demanding that banks be more accommodative to their voter’s demands to borrow money. Most Left-Wingers have a low financial IQ and rarely if ever imagine that paying back borrowed money isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why in the United States, student loan forgiveness is a big talking point.

In the real world absent of fiat money, only the people with the ability to multiply their earnings are allowed to borrow money. In the real world, if a government can’t pay back its debt, that government goes bankrupt. In the modern era in which fiat money is all the rage, Justin Trudeau if you don’t know any better sounds smart. I spoke to a Leftist family member of mine, who told me that she imagined that Justin Trudeau has a secret stash of money hidden somewhere in Canada and that she imagined that’s how Justin Trudeau paid out The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) payments.

Because I allow Left Wingers to speak freely in my presence, I learn a lot about how their minds operate. Reality is exposed during times of consumer price inflation and based on Trudeau’s cowardly response to the Truckers Convoy, an early election, wouldn’t surprise me in the least, Trudeau may indeed want to get out of politics and this will be the easy way out for him.

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Pierre Poilievre poses a serious threat to Left-Wingers in Canada, he’s adopted, he’s not a populist, he’s actually a rather bland individual, and the longer Pierre Poilievre gets comfortable with his role at being the leader of the Conservative Party, the longer his reign as Prime Minister might be. Now, if Trudeau calls an early election and beats Pierre Poilievre, two possibilities could happen, maybe the Conservative Party of Canada says, see, voters aren’t ready for Pierre Poilievre or total votes show that similar to Stephen Harper, Pierre Poilievre just needs a few more shots at Trudeau’s toast.

Let’s not forget that Stephen Harper had to grow on Canadians, he was an acquired taste, although in my mind Pierre Poilievre is more popular than Stephen Harper was when he got elected, Pierre Poilievre might need to grow on people and may I point out that Pierre Poilievre has been a terror to Justin Trudeau and if Pierre Poilievre is the leader of the Party, what used to be debates that only a handful of Canadians observed will now become national news.

By Pierre Poilievre stating that he stands with the Truckers, he’s already separated himself from “polling data” Tories who tend to take neutral stances on almost every tyrannical Trudeau mandate.

‘I’m proud of the truckers,’ says Poilievre in lambasting Justin Trudeau’s response to protests |

Interesting times ahead!