Conservative Party of Canada Candidate Patrick Brown’s campaign reimburses membership fees to inflate sign-up numbers? A claim being made by The Pierre Poilievre campaign – June 16, 2022,


At least temporarily, Patrick Brown has to be feeling good that he’s making headlines, because quite frankly in my opinion he’s not worth the energy, I personally may not like Jean Charest, but I’d argue Jean Charest has a far better chance of beating Pierre Poilievre in the leadership race than does Patrick Brown. When I read the story below, I have to ask the question, why the need to punch down, on the part of the Pierre Poilievre campaign?

It was the Pierre Poilievre wasting resources looking into the potential that Patrick Brown is cheating when the truth is nobody really cares because Patrick Brown is a nobody in terms of influence in the Conservative Party. Patrick Brown and Jean Charest are the preferred candidates by NDP and Liberal voters, meaning that Left Wingers consider Patrick Brown and Jean Charest easier to beat than Pierre Poilievre.

New poll suggests Liberal, NDP voters prefer Charest and Brown over Poilievre |

Although people on the Right can see their country going to the toilet, Left Wingers imagine that they’re fighting off their back foot and are quite terrified that what they imagine are tiny gains will be taken from them in the event Pierre Poilievre wins the Conservative leadership race and ultimately beats Justin Trudeau.

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This is the threat Pierre Poilievre is to the Left in Canada, and here is wasting time with Patrick Brown? I guess Pierre Poilievre has a duty to keep the race transparent, and when you’re leading, you’l typically have more resources than the other candidates and therefore the ability to expose fraud in the leadership race, so maybe I’m looking more into this than I need to.

My thing is both Charest and Brown have been making their rounds on legacy media, often using Liberal talking points in hopes to appeal to the Liberal or NDP voter who when given the chance will pull the lever for the NDP or Liberals during the election anyway. Justin Trudeau has had to bail out legacy media for a reason, and that reason is that for the most part, only staunch Left-wing supporters watch it, which explains why they’re biased.

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If I’m legacy media I’m catering my messaging around the people I expect to watch my product, it’s not like legacy media has been demanding CRTC lift restrictions on them, they’re quite comfortable in their role in Canada, which is why when I see Charest and Brown making their rounds on these platforms, it’s evident to me, that if either of the two were to win the leadership race, they’d likely imagine the Conservative vote is guaranteed and instead focus their attention on trying to appeal to Liberal and NDP voters.

This is why both Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole lost to Justin Trudeau, I like to remind the reader that as an example Maxime Bernier managed t get over 800,000 votes in the last election, a mind-boggling number when you think about had those votes gone to the Conservative Party in 2021, they’d have I think more than 1 million more votes than Justin Trudeau.

I bring this up because attempting to appeal to left Wing voters HAS NOT WORKED for Conservative Party, I’ve been arguing, Left Wingers in Canada have different values and different demands, and quite frankly for many of them, they feel uncomfortable with the thought of voting for the Conservatives, they’d rather stay home and not vote at all.

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I like to use the Ontario election as an example of Left-Wing voters, when their Party doesn’t represent their current demands, they stay home, same is true with the Conservative party members, if the leader doesn’t represent what they want in a leader, they’re not going to the polls, because I can tell you personally, nothing is more terrifying than a Charest and Brown who I know when the pressure is one, will sell out not only to the legacy media but to the elites.

It would be shocking to see Pierre Poilievre sell out, based on his track record, but it would be EXPECTED for Charest or Brown to sell out if they were under pressure. Justin Trudeau has been the same scum I’ve expected him to be all along, so if I was a Left Winger, with all of Trudeau’s faults, I’d expect him to deliver on the tyranny he promised, and that’s huge!

That’s why he’s been winning, where a person like me sees, invoking the Emergencies Act as blatant tyranny, the Liberal, NDP voter who would prefer Charest and Brown win the Conservative leadership race, see Trudeau as a HERO! That’s how I see things, although other people on the Right will have their own unique versions, I’m sure most of us see Charest and Brown as spineless, as do the Liberal and NDP voters who would prefer running against them.

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So, although Pierre Poilievre is justified in his concerns regarding Patrick Brown it feels like he’s punching down, it feels like Pierre Poilievre is making Patrick Brown relevant because truth be told, most Conservative voters don’t care about Patrick Brown even if he is cheating, nobody cares, it’s the Conservative Party’s own funeral if Charest or Brown wins the leadership race.

a Charest or Brown victory would be the best thing to ever happen to the People’s Party of Canada, although it would set Canada back a decade, at the very least, if Charest or Brown won the Conservative race, it’s very likely that the PPC would become to the Right-Wing NDP Party, which would be HUGE because as we’re seeing now, it’s the NDP propping up Justin Trudeau. Any actual viable Libertarian Party in Canada would change this country forever.

Pierre Poilievre team files complaint alleging Patrick Brown supporters offered payment for memberships |

Interesting times ahead!