During the Conservative Party of Canada leadership debate, 5 out of 6 members say they’re pro-choice: Pierre Poilievre would force you to finance Abortions Whether You like it or Not, Leslyn Lewis Pro-Life – May 12, 2022,

Immorality in one area breeds the DEMAND for immorality in other areas. By this I mean once you BEND on a SERIOUS issue, expect the politician to bend on other issues. If I’m to be honest, when it comes to abortion, I am PRO-CHOICE BUT… I don’t want to pay for it, I think the private sector would gladly finance abortions.

I hate to state the obvious here but organ selling is name of the game for a lot of people. Yes, I’m pro-private sector, but let’s stop pretending that pro-choice doesn’t revolve around PROFITABILITY. The medical professionals involved in the process will be paid for services rendered and some will be approached to sell the government on expanding Pro-Choice legislation.

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In the United States, some politicians are open to killing a baby after it’s been born, why? Could it be that certain entities are trying to soften the laws so they can sell the organs of babies for reasons I can’t even imagine? They’ll argue we need organs for “Science” and why allow these dead babies go to waste?

In the end, Pro-Choice, especially late-stage pro-choice for many revolves around OPPORTUNITIES. So again my position on being pro-choice is that I don’t want my money going to finance it, but I DO believe some men and some women are simply evil and will kill their babies, leave them on porches or throw them in a dumpster if they don’t have access to abortion anyway.

There’s a reason why neither men nor women should be imagined as these perfect humans who can’t be criticized. We’re currently in this era in which women are being imagined as these holier-than-thou creatures, but it’s mostly women who understand how evil other women can be. a lot of women fight for abortion rights because, without access to abortion, you’ll quickly see the ugly side of women, which would make other women less SYMPATHETIC to feminism as an example.

Pierre Poilievre is adopted

The feminism movement is mostly about making men and other women SUBMIT to tyrannical behavior in exchange for tyrannical women not making your life a living hell. It’s painful to hear a baby crying in a dumpster, and this was quite common prior to access to abortion. I grew up with a lot of ADOPTED friends.

Pierre Poilievre’s biological mother was 16 years old when she gave birth to him, he’s actually of Irish descent, if Pierre beats Trudeau I think for the first time in history both Canada and the United States will have 2 federal leaders of Irish descent as heads of state. Politics is about what’s popular, in Canada being Pro-Choice is popular and if Pierre wants to bring more people into the Conservative tent the last thing he wants is to unleash the wrath of women who instead of giving up their unwanted children for adoption will instead kill it when convenient.

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So while potentially an adopted Pierre Poilievre could become Canada’s first Prime Minister because his adopted parents although not perfect clearly did a great job raising him, other unwanted children, will NEVER get that opportunity? Well, that’s one way to look at it, right?

Women can still use the hanger method, punch themselves in the stomach, or get someone to do the prior two for them, all sorts of things can happen, the world can be an ugly place. This is why for many of us politics is simply a passing fad, there are some things you simply leave to the creator, should we allow murders to walk free? A lot of murders are indeed walking free, it’s not like all the killers on Toronto streets are behind bars?

The pro-choice debate is indeed a topic of discussion in which I simply ask that my tax dollars NOT go to finance. That’s always been my position, which is why I’m AGAINST Universal health care. I’m not perfect, I have skeletons in my closet, but that’s between myself and the creator. When I make mistakes, make bad decisions or do questionable acts, I don’t want to be BAILED out by the public. I need to learn from my mistakes, so I know what’s right and wrong and also that there is a COST for my SINS.

When I’m forced to finance ALL abortions, I’m allowing a woman not to feel the pain of her decision. Now, if I were to finance an abortion, I’d only do so because the woman CONVINCED me she had been raped. You see this again is why I’m PRO-CHOICE because there are instances in which I’m sympathetic. But because we have Universal Health Care in Canada, I don’t have a CHOICE, we’re all in this together, doesn’t sit well with me, when it comes to certain political decisions like abortion being made for me.

Why I want to say in the matter, is because I’d like to imagine that in my mind I’m part of solving the problem, not accelerating the destruction of society. An aborted baby, may soon become the Prime Minister of Canada? Let that sink in for a moment, there are loving parents who’d love to adopt an unwanted child, and there are a lot of QUALIFIED women in Canada with a lot of time on their hands, who would love to be mothers but are barred from doing so because of government edicts.

A lot of the excessive and unnecessary cost of living hikes via the government makes it more difficult to raise a family. I like to remind people that the government doesn’t work for free. Recently Justin Trudeau gave his staff a pay raise? a reminder that a lot of Federal Government workers were working from home during the pandemic.

The cost recent cost of living spikes could easily be attributed to Justin Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels, on my home gas bill, it says I am forced to pay the carbon tax, this is an increase of my cost of living that exists only because of Justin Trudeau. I personally adopt or support impoverished children via charity, the money I’m spending on carbon taxes could have gone to me sponsoring more children, instead, I’m forced to sponsor CORPORATE entities Justin Trudeau imagines will cut carbon emissions, simply because people who think as he thinks, don’t like the climate changing and attribute climate change to human activity.

If you wonder how humanity got like this, it’s because of mob mentality, even the beneficiary of Pro-Life to keep his political messaging simple, has to pivot to the mob. To be fair I don’t know Pierre Poilievre’s detailed views on abortion, but I’d be curious to know, maybe I could learn something, but you see for him to be authentic on abortion rights could equate to political suicide.

Politics is not about substance it’s about answers that will popular with the people.

Leslyn Lewis her secret Husband, Is She a mother? Leslyn Lewis and her Pro-Life Stance

Maybe it’s the whole Patrick Brown fiasco, the Candian media is nasty, but here’s the thing about Leslyn Lewis who even The Rebel interviewed that nobody seems to care about. Where’s her family? Does she have children? Sure she’s qualified, but did someone remind her that she’s running for PUBLIC office? As a private citizen, she can be as secretive as she wants, but she’s running for PUBLIC office and so yeah, nobody knows anything about her private life.

I don’t even know if Leslyn Lewis is a mother? She might be? I wouldn’t blame her for trying to keep her private life a secret, she may indeed not be running for Conservative leadership to win, but instead to put another notch in her belt for career and life achievements. But from my point of view, she doesn’t appear to be a serious candidate, because although during the debates she appeared to play hardball with Pierre Poilievre to be more open about his views on abortion, Leslyn would be wide open for attacks.

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I can imagine Justin Trudeau or one of Trudeau’s handlers questioning why she is being so private, what does Leslyn have to hide? Will we learn about Leslyn Lewis’ family after she wins the Conservative race? Is that the plan? I bring this up because the lone voice for Pro-Life comes from a woman who wants to keep her private life private.

Even though Pierre Poilievre is a career politician, he’s got the whole schtick down packed, he’s an open book. Someone needs to remind Leslyn Lewis she’s running for the PUBLIC office. We all know who Justin Trudeau’s wife and children are, and I could make the argument that there are people who may wish harm to Canada’s PM. Yet, Trudeau still proudly displays his family.

So I can conclude that the only Pro-Choice candidate in the Conservative Party of Canada appears not to be serious. So 5 out of 5 Conservative candidates, are Pro-Choice. a reminder that Leslyn Lewis can be considered a front runner in the leadership debate. She did very well amongst Western Canadians, this is why I dedicated an entire section to her in this post.

With that said, maybe I’m missing something here? It’s only politics after all!

Conservative leadership debate: 5 out 6 members say they’re pro-choice | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!