What Conservative Politicians Can Learn From Doug Ford: York Centre MPP Roman Baber out of the PROGRESSIVE Conservative caucus – January 15, 2021,

So, if people remember, the whole reason for a Left vs. Right debate is so that we can get to a better place via debates. If the Leftists win the war of ideas, it doesn’t mean that the Conservatives should change their message, it just means that for the moment the country deems it wise to go in a particular political direction for the time being.

To this very day, the Communist Party of Canada still exists, the Libertarian Party of Canada still exists also, these 2 Political Partys equally have no chance of winning a Provincial or Federal election, but they exist as a reminder to people that they have options.

The Conservative Party brand in Canada has been moving further to the Center and because of this People like Doug Ford who clearly don’t understand what a Conservative is, get to wrap themselves under the conservative umbrella, which actually helps to grow the Liberal and NDP.

Now, provincially, Doug Ford has a much bigger impact on my life than Justin Trudeau does, I live in Ontario and these globalist lockdown measures are destroying the economy of my province when the numbers show that the Coronavirus is killing one demographic group.

Now that Canadians know the dangers of the Coronavirus, the wise thing to do as a Conservative is to find creative ways to protect those most vulnerable. So if one demographic is being targeted, the best way to address this pandemic is to direct funds to that demographic, however, Doug Ford has chosen to take his marching orders from outsiders, which is fine, but at the very least take the Conservative out of your Progressive beliefs.

Trusting ‘the experts’ is a Progressive ideal, conservatives trust the data, Conservatism is all about trusting the data, which requires actually reading the data and having the heart to go against the Progressives who are known as people who prefer to trust big governments.

Now, as we all know Government is nothing more than special interest groups, attempting to get wealthy and powerful at the expense of the people they serve. The Conservative politician is supposed to do what York Centre MPP Roman Baber did which is to remind Canadians that there are more sides to the story than the one being given by the establishment media and the establishment corporate entities who are becoming richer and more powerful because of this pandemic.

What all Conservative Politicians should learn from Doug Ford is that eventually, no matter how good or smart you think you are, you’re going to lose, so when you have the chance cut, cut, cut the size and influence of government!

Ford ousts MPP from caucus over open letter pushing for end to COVID-19 lockdown | CBC

Interesting times ahead