Conservatives divided on what to do about Erin O’Toole after election loss? My Answer Ask the NDP to get rid of Jagmeet Singh and beg the NDP to run a stronger candidate – September 24, 2021,

Wouldn’t surprise me if Justin Trudeau called another election in the not too distant future, the Canadian economy is crashing and most of the Conservative Party members sound like Liberals, when I listen to Pierre Poilievre he often sounds delusional, one has to ask why a talent like Pierre Poilievre is wasting his time with The Conservative Party of Canada?

I understand that different members of The Conservative Party of Canada have differing views, but that’s why The Conservative Party of Canada should have never begun pandering, to begin with. I’m of the opinion, sometimes, democracies have to learn things the hard way. I can’t stand Justin Trudeau, but he won and is winning fair and square and the economy is crashing, but SLOWLY, this is of course the problem with central banking and a fiat monetary system, this confidence money game, works until doesn’t and when it stops working, people have to know the reason WHY it’s not working.

This is supposed to be the role of The Conservative Party of Canada, but you see The Conservative Party of Canada has been pandering to the Left for a long time, so much so that their “Conservative” policies are now based primarily on polling data.

To make my point in Ontario eventually Ontarians got tired of Kathleen Wynne, she made living in Ontario so horrible that Ontario which is a Liberal province simply stopped showing up in the polls. Doug Ford could have come in slashed government spending and accepted defeat but he didn’t instead Ford pandered to the Left, in hopes of re-election, now the truth of the matter is that Leftists are going to hate Conservatives no matter how far to the Left Conservatives go.

But the further Left the conservative Party goes the more they’ll alienate fiscal Conservatives, who to be fair aren’t as hardline as folks like me. fiscal Conservatives are often okay with welfare as long as the welfare isn’t more rewarding than doing an honest days work. I’m Right of that argument, I believe welfare should be left to the private sector and charities, the government has no money, the Canadian government has been running deficits since I was born and it’s led to a slowdown in growth.

Canada is now in a place that the Bank of Canada can’t raise interest rates because the value of the property is inflated are therefore reliant on debt servicing payments to remain afloat. This is ludicrous, but it’s been normalized because Conservatives all over the world have been pandering to Leftist voters.

I was watching Fox News which is supposed to be Conservatives and they were talking about why the Chinese Communist Party should bailout “Evergrande Group”. I listen to Conservative think tanks who appear to be baffled as to why Leftists have dominated politics? There’s a price to pandering

When you pander and make false claims that the economy is doing wonderful when it’s clearly not, you lose credibility, if I had no idea about economics, I’d assume the government of Canada had enough money to pay everyone a UBI and I’d also assume that The Conservative Party of Canada was evil for trying to curb government spending.

The goal of The Conservative Party of Canada s supposed to be to educate, if Canadians are too dumb to understand that Liberal policies are making the poor poorer and more reliant on the Government, that’s on us, properly educated people know the flaws of democracy and deep down inside, we all know in order for a democracy to work, voters need to be PROPERLY informed.

Telling voters that the government should ban law-abiding gun owners their right to bare arms is NOT Conservative, law-abiding gun owners aren’t gang members nor do they have a desire to be gang members or being involved in criminal activities. Erin O’Toole protecting the nest egg of existing homeowners? Conservatives aren’t supposed to pick and choose winners and losers in a FREE MARKET economy.

Ignoring the disaster that is universal health care in Canada, Conservatives are terrified about talking about Private health care, so who can blame ignorant Canadians for voting for Liberals? Canadian voters haven’t been educated about the alternatives. If The Conservative Party of Canada exists to pander to the Left, their hope will be reliant on NDP-Liberal vote splitting. Should the Conservatives get rid of Erin O’Toole after the election loss? No, they should encourage and plead with the NDP to fire Jagmeet Singh and run a stronger candidate.

Interesting times ahead!